Where would you go to find startup owners (or C-level) looking for productivity tools?

Sacha Nacar
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Hi Makers! I'm working on a company-wide meeting analytics tool and I'm looking for beta users to test it and help us build it. I've been advised to "go where your customers hang out". My intended initial customers would be decision-makers within small or medium startups. So my question is, where do they hang out? Where can I connect with startup leaders looking to innovate/adapt their remote work strategy? Thank you all so much!


Hussein Yahfoufi
At a high level Product Hunt, Slack Groups, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn, some may be on Reddit, Hacker News and Indie Hackers. If you are targeting specific industries you may find them in forums for those industries.
Matthew Johnson
Hey Sacha - I have a similar target market and put together this list of channels/communities here: https://taskablehq.com/blog/chan... I would also caution against going into these communities and just spamming/announcing your product. I see a lot of people get this wrong, and only post content about their product, and do it across multiple communities. Instead, focus on being a good community member first, and share relevant content or your insights, and people will find what you are working on.