Is it ever too early to launch?

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I know the general consensus is ship that shit. Are there any counteraguments to that? What are you things that you want to do before you launch a product? Have you ever launched early and regretted doing so? Have you ever launched and regretted not doing so earlier? Julie @syswarren argues that: "launching too soon is rarely a problem". She admitted that she shared her website even though she was still dealing with some DNS issues.


Matthew Johnson
It might be too early to launch on PH for example if you aren't going to fully get the value from it. But never too early to launch something. This video from YC I think covers this topic really well
Hussein Yahfoufi
Depends on your product, your target, your industry, etc. For example, if you are in B2B and selling to large institutions and trying to convince them to move away from Salesforce because your product is way better. You won't be successful since they will expect a fully built product. But if you are building a new service, could still be B2B but you are not looking to replace an existing system but add to one. Then maybe they will give your half built product a try.
@husseinyahfoufi interesting insight, I hadn't though about how B2B might be different in terms of launching.
Hussein Yahfoufi
@heyitsolivier the product I am currently working on (Money Minx) is B2C but the problem is I have a lot of competitors and it requires work from users (connect your accounts) so the approach I am taking is to focus on one aspect (almost like a sub-product) at a time but do them really well so they when people compare that one feature to my competitors the hope is they will find the differences good enough to try us wait. While at the same time I don't need to wait until all say 8 sub-products are done.
@husseinyahfoufi I see. When are you planning on launching Money Minx? I guess lot's of competitors is a good thing because it signals that the value proposition is strong. I just checked out your profile. Congratulations on getting 50 signs ups pre launch for Money Minx! Let's see when you get 100 sign ups 🚀
Marie Martens
The quicker you launch, the faster you can connect and start talking to users, which is imo still the most important thing!