Does anyone use Google Analytics and Hotjar together?

Morgan Young
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Thinking about adding one or both of these. Do you need GA if you have Hotjar?


Matthew Johnson
I use both. I am only using the free version of Hotjar which is really helpful showing you how users interact on your pages (haven't used polling and other features yet). However, it doesn't do a great job of giving you an overall view (total users, bounce rate, new vs returning etc), or tell you where users come from. So they feel pretty complementary in that respect (though maybe there is a lot more to Hotjar that I am aware of).
Shannon Maloney
I use both as well. I'm using GA mostly for hard data and aggregate trends and Hotjar for more anecdotal evidence of the behavior I see in GA. For example, if we're seeing a huge drop-off on a particular landing page in GA, we use Hotjar to watch how users have actually interacted with the page. I find the two work well together!