What's the biggest lesson you've learnt in 2019?

Morgan Young
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Mine is that the execution is as important as the product. This year I've seen people with amazing products, but they just weren't able to execute the marketing properly so it flopped. On the other hand I've seen people with average products skyrocket in growth because they nailed their execution and marketing on their product. You can't neglect either!


Andrew Tye
Good question! But I haven't figured out the answer for myself yet...
Nastya Kholodova
Act fast on your ideas and do not hesitate to share it. You can't make great product without constant feedback!
Morgan Young
@nastya_kholodova Agreed! I see you're making a CrossFit app? That's awesome. I'm an Olympic lifting coach here in the UK :)
Nastya Kholodova
@morgan_young2 Wow! Where in UK? :) My app was born on Reddit. I made this post https://www.reddit.com/r/crossfi... and CrossFit subreddit said the want the graphs too!
Morgan Young
@nastya_kholodova Yeah! Cambridge, UK. You're in DC right? I like coaching weightlifting a lot. I've coached CrossFit too but have coached more lifting, took an athlete to the World Masters Championships in Barcelona in 2018 and it was amazing! That's such a good idea. I bet you got such a good audience on that subreddit?
Alejandro Viera
@morgan_young2 It is the best brief description about business, execution, results and their success. I've been thinking about this lately, and aware that this is the case, I keep thinking where the best marketing strategy for my releases this year is. The shadow of doing the right thing chases you all the time. LOL
Morgan Young
@alejandro_viera Totally. You could have an amazing idea but unless you nail the branding and the marketing... it won't work.
Joe Johnson
Don't be afraid to take a leap of faith. I decided to start working for myself! Check out my site http://seofreelance.co.uk/
Well for me it's not so much about product but more a generally lesson learnt. Persevere and you will succeed lol~ In 2019 I created I M PAW's 365 days of daily art challenge...starting from Jan 1-Dec 31, 2019. I finally completed it! I have to admit there were days where it was extremely tough for me to get into my artist mood and digitally illustrate, but think of end results! Check out my site: https://linktr.ee/impaw_kiki
I'm not as great in shipping products as I thought I am 😀 I learnt this, the hard way, this year.
Walid Shaar
The biggest lesson i've actually learned ( and not just heard in a cliche way), is that its okay to fail as long as you learn from it, and not repeat it
Debajit Sarkar
The biggest lesson I learnt in 2019 was when solving a business problem think about what you Could do and not what you Should do. Approaching problems with a “should” mindset gets us stuck on the trade-off the choice entails and narrows our thinking on one answer, the one that seems most obvious. But when we think in terms of “could,” we stay open-minded and the trade-offs involved inspire us to come up with creative solutions. More about this approach can be found here https://hbr.org/2018/04/when-sol...
Valentin Radu
1. When you have good user base and a stable product, focus on incrementally improving your product instead of making serious changes overnight. 2. Some business models are not sustainable on the long term. Some products revenue stream (e.g. mobile apps without in-app purchases or adds) decay over time and you'll find yourself in the position of having a product with ten thousands users that generates little revenue, but still needs maintaining.