Would be great to receive some feedback on UX for my website!

Walid Shaar
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www.petitio.com The simplest User-to-User task management App!


Gomoja Radu
I did not expect the background changing , so it bothered me a little bit ) i think is better to add some more seconds at transition .
Walid Shaar
@rezo We got that fixed, thank you for the feedback! If you have anything else to add please do not hesitate to contact us. You can now try out App for free! - BETA GooglePlay- https://play.google.com/store/ap... iOS- https://apps.apple.com/us/app/pe...
Celia Rozalén
Hi Walid! It's awesome that you are so close to launch the site of your app 😃 I see a lot of gray colors I would use the colors of your brand which I assume are the ones of the logo. The buttons of the Apple Store and Google Play are one on top of the other. And also, the search bar in the mobile menu has got my attention, what is its purpose? I'm sure that it´s going to look great when it is finished. 👌
Walid Shaar
@celia_rozalen Thanks a lot for your feedback! We will definitely be adding more "Brand" color to our website. For the buttons, don't mind them, we will definitely fix that, it's looking differently on different devices. As for the search bar menu, you are 100% right, thank you for noticing that, we will be fixing that on mobile browser :) You can now try out App for free! - BETA GooglePlay- https://play.google.com/store/ap... iOS- https://apps.apple.com/us/app/pe...
Gabriel Bujold
Cool website! Maybe I would add a different way to display your features section. If you click on all of the bars, you need to scroll down and you're unable to see them all at the same time. Maybe regrouping them in smaller group could be an idea? Or trying a new display for them.
Chris Wills
Congrats on the site. Nice job!! I browsed the site and have some feedback for you: - The "About" link in the main nav appears to be broken - I would simplify some of the text on your home page to get to your key benefits quicker: Examples of what I mean: "Instead of bombarding you with all the features task management apps currently provide. Petitio picked the most important benefits to help you think clearly, stay organized ." I would shorten this to: Petitio prioritizes the most important benefits to help you think clearly and stay organized. ----- "Finding a request for a specific project can be a daunting experience when multiple tasks are requested from team members. By simply adding ‘#ProjectName’ on your requests, Petitio will help you organize your workflow and display all requests/tasks better." Shortened: Use hashtags to organize your workflow and display all your requests and tasks ----- "Remove the complexity from project management. First, by allowing access to your contact list, choose someone you would send a request to. Once sent, it should be accepted by the intended contact. When the recipient sets the request as done, confirmation is needed and your request will automatically be achieved." Shortened: Petitio simplifies project management by automating the workflow process and sending you confirmations when user tasks are done. ------ I would suggest that you not hide your features. You want to make those easy for visitors to scan. A list might work better for this. Something like: - Reminders: Automatically notify participants of approaching deadlines - Due Dates: Optionally set a due date and time to get notified of overdue tasks - Etc... I wasn't sure what the purpose of the form at the bottom of the page is. I would either add a title (Contact Us, Sign up for Beta, Need Help, etc.) or place it on a separate page. You should add more calls to action. The app store and Google play store buttons should be placed in other locations on the page so you don't have to rely on visitors scrolling back to the top to complete these actions.
Malik Tauqeer
Good to see you working on productivity application. You landing pages has gray color a lot. You should consider the color of your logo to be incorporated in the design to make it more better and good looking. :)