In your opinion, Do you think Task Management Apps are simple enough for smaller companies?

Walid Shaar
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Task Management Apps like Trello / Slack / Workast are simple enough? Even for only 5-15 people in a company? Is it Efficient enough to manage Start-ups Daily tasks? If you use such Apps do you tend to still neglect some of the tasks? Let me know your opinion Everyone <3


Nishant Singh
Well I have used Trello and Slack, well even though Trello is said to be easy to use and it is easy to use as compared to the likes Jira, Asana, Airtable but still in my opinion you have to explore the use features in the hord of features these tools provides. It get's a bit messier and most of the times small teams don't even need that much of functionalities and they become uncomfortable using it. I have come across a tool called '' and have been using for months with my team (8-9) colleagues. I have to say it is great so far, clean interface and simple to use with very important and in-demand features for all kind of fields/purposes. You can get used to it in less than a day and can be more productive and collaborate better with your team. If you do use it, share your experince with me. Have a nice day :)
Eugene Fedorov
Trello requires some basic undestanding of what you want to achive and what kind of task management you're gonna use. For example, I've worked on a project where everyone in team had several personal lists on same board (active tasks, backlog, finished taks or something like that) and it quickly became a mess even though there was less than 10 people in team. I personally prefer agile-like style for trello: a board is a team, a list is a sprint (weekly or montly). Add labels for task status (done/cancelled/needs a review and so on) and regular meetups (like once a week) and you'll always know what tasks are set for what period of time for each team and what is their current status. And btw if you have problems with routine daily tasks - check out a tool that we've launched today It automates routine tasks and works seamlessly with any SaaS platforms and is set to be affordable even for small businesses :)