Ring N Bring Vita - designed for the security and comfort of your Elderly loved ones.

Walid Shaar
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Hello fellow Makers! I would love to take your opinion on what we are currently developing and testing. It's almost out! We have developed Ring n Bring - Vita tailored for your Elderly's security and comfort, as well as the ability to always connect with them. Vita is a device placed next to the elderly at home. It consists of 1 to 8 request buttons tailored and personalized to the Elderly's needs using the Vita app on a caretaker or family member's phone. Examples include: "Water please" "Medicine please" "Breakfast please" "Call John, my son" or "Call Mark, my niece". Additionally, you can always check up on you seniors with Simple "Yes/No questions". You can set daily reminders for important routines such as exercise and medication. Last but not least, we added a special feature which is the "Family Gallery". Now all nieces and family members all over the world can send through images for your Elderly to seamlessly scroll through and enjoy! Our Vita device is specifically tailored to the Elderly as smartphones tend to struggle with them. A device, always place by their side, with big simple buttons for requesting as easy, and fast as possible, ensuring the comfort and security of your Loved ones. Due to the unfortunate events of the Corona epidemic, we have decided to push the launch date of our product, putting all our focus into it. It is all our responsibility to assure our Elderly's isolation, in order to keep them safe and secure from also the dilemma the world is currently facing Please do let us know your thoughts! as we are always willing to listen and enhance. Best, Market Research @nvrl8, Walid
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