What's your favorite Slack Hack?

Tristan Pollock
3 replies
I'm looking for interesting ideas, apps and workflows optimized in Slack. Bonus points if it helps you build or monitor software or DevOps. You can comment below, or, if you are comfortable with your hack being shared, post it here: https://airtable.com/shrSPpGh3cb...


Abhash Kumar
Check out Nimbella Commander. They have several pre-built and open-sourced commands: /nc csm_install aws (manage resources in AWS) /nc csm_install do (manage resources in DigitalOcean) /nc csm_install ibm (manage resources in IBM Cloud & IBM Watson services) /nc csm_install github (interface with GitHub) /nc csm_install netlify (interface with Netlify) /nc csm_install shopify (access Shopify for inventory, orders, product sold) Cc: @eric_swildens
Lyn Chen
Slack + GitHub integration in Slack + LayerCI :)
Dilip Thomas Ittyera
Check our Slack hack on PH today in the Top 4. Ariv.ai