Nimbella Commander

Build, run, share commands & apps in Slack using serverless

Build, run and share Slack apps & commands - write your code and Commander does the rest. There’s nothing to install, no servers to manage, no services to provision. You can create custom automations and run these commands in Slack with one-click installation.
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Greetings, Product Hunt! First things first, thank you Kevin @kwdinc for hunting Nimbella Commander, I’m thrilled to join this community for the very first time! I’m the maker and Chief Architect at Nimbella, survivor of two motorcycle accidents, serial entrepreneur and techy with 20 years of experience. As a developer myself and having worked with many development teams, I’ve always tried to simplify all the processes and make them as painless as possible. Startups have small teams and we are constantly working on increasing productivity through self-service. That’s how the idea of Commander was born. Simply follow 3 steps to create your first serverless commands with Commander: - Add Commander to Slack by clicking - Create your first command by typing - /nc command_create hello - Run the command by typing - /nc hello To get you started, we have several pre-built and open-sourced commands, simply cut-and-paste and run in Slack: /nc csm_install aws (manage resources in AWS) /nc csm_install do (manage resources in DigitalOcean) /nc csm_install ibm (manage resources in IBM Cloud & IBM Watson services) /nc csm_install github (interface with GitHub) /nc csm_install netlify (interface with Netlify) /nc csm_install shopify (access Shopify for inventory, orders, product sold) /nc csm_install corona_stats (get coronavirus statistics for any country or region) With Commander, you also get these additional security capabilities like access control, secret key management and audit trail. Nimbella Commander has forever free tier and we’re giving away today 90 days free Pro tier! (you just need to sign up and the 90 days will be automatically added to your account within 48 hours) Please ask our team any questions in comments and build Command Sets it with us in our DevOps Slack community:
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@eric_swildens thanks for detailed introduction! I would like to ask all users with ideas to create pre-built Command-Sets please reach out to me. We'll evaluate your proposal and would develop the set for you (for free!) Cheer, Yulia
@kwdinc @eric_swildens Awesome! Always good to see hunts from Kevin! I shared this with our team at @springroleinc We're building lots of Slack apps, I am guessing the devs in our team will find this quite useful. All the best, Eric and team 👍🏻
Try commander now and install it in one click (free tier + 90 day pro access):
We use Commander's corona_stats Command-Set in our company, Freight Tiger. We run the command regularly in our slack channel to track the number of cases in our country, state and region. The advantage of running the Commander's command in Slack is that everyone within the channel can see the graph and stats of the command as opposed to checking it on any other website.
@sumana_g_sumi Thanks Sumana for your review. There are many other utility commands that we have open-sourced - please try them and let us know what else you would like to see.
Nimbella commander was easy to integrate with my Slack workspace. I liked not having to switch back and forth between terminal and slack since with the /nc command, there was a terminal like capability that Nimbella commander provided within Slack. From installation to running commands, I found the product to be intuitive and the documentation to be easy to follow.
@ashish_kakran Thanks Ashish for your review. There are many pre-built commands in our command registry - try them and give us your feedback!
This is a lifesaver! I have waited for something like this since forever... Saves a ton of time and is super easy and convenient to use
@madhur_singal thank you! We're happy to assist you for any queries!
I just checked the product now and here’s my feedback: 1. Very easy to install 2. Good security features 3. I like AWS pre-built commands, it feels useful Will discover the product more and share later more feedback
@mrravi26 Thanks Ravi for your review. Would love to get more feedback as you use it more.