How to grow a podcast or online show?

Tristan Pollock
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I've been building The Ops Show, a developer-focused YouTube show/podcast, during COVID and I'm looking at ways to thoughtfully scale it. My stack is YouTube-first with OBS + Zoom recording and then YouTube premiere + for distribution. We just hit 200 subscribers and are growing about 50 subscribers per month. Would love to hear your suggestions.


Jake Tital
Have you thought about running paid ads on youtube Tristian? I run a youtube ad placement software that might be a good fit for scaling.
Matt Binder
@jaketital What's your YouTube ad app?
Alex Papageorge
Solid success! It's not easy gaining traction in the podcast game. I've been hosting a show for about a year now w/ about 1,000 subscribers and I can tell you the #1 thing that helped me grow was collaborating with other similar podcasts/youtube shows (not the same as you, but in the same ballpark). By collaborating and doing the marketing right, you're able to tap into completely new audiences, that probably have a similar interest (again, if it's in the same ballpark). Also, like most other things... Don't be shy to ask for help promoting when you interview someone or highlight X event/topic.
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Harri Arain
the best way to grow podcast online show is through pushing it from your own social media platforms other than the obvious ones, you can link it on qoura and send it through emails.
John Allen
Solid work on hitting 200 subscribers! Have you tried being a guest on other podcasts? The cross-promotion strategy is used quite a lot nowdays by podcasters because the format is familar, reciprocation is essentially free, & your audiences are probably similar to some extent. If you decide to try this, I would suggest reaching out to your favorite podcasters or famous podcasters in your show's category & offer them a spot on your show in exchnage for a spot on theirs.
Johan Cutych
Good job Tristan! We had the same idea to start producing remote content. Thats why we built ( Unlike Zoom, Welder is made for production. It's super easy to use, and allows you to record up to 4k video and full quality audio from each participant thanks to local recording. I believe you should give it a try as it's going to take your show to the next lvl. btw. we have a free tier that will suit you. Let me know how you like it
Mirko Maccarrone
@johan_cutych Hi Johan, this is very interesting! How is it different from Zoom except for the audio quality and what's the most effective way to use it? Looks dope!
Johan Cutych
@mirko_maccarrone Thanks Mirko! So there are 2 main differences. First is the quality of audio & video. So with us you get stable up to 4k video recording. Second is ease of use as we solely focus on content production and not conferencing calls.
Olga Trykush
Great job, do you ask your guests to make mentions on their socials that they are invited to your podcast and to follow/support it?
Valerie Fenske
Do you know Tom Hunt? He's mastered podcasts, and now he's launched his tool for podcasts - as far as I remember, it also helps you to grow your show.