Do you use one Google Analytics tracking code or multiple?

Hussein Yahfoufi
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Assuming you have your main site, your blog and possibly some other site, a chrome extension or maybe a Shopify store. Do you use the same GA tracking code on all the sites? or do you separate each into their own code? We only have our main site and the blog and are currently using 1 GA code but I am not sure if that's the best practice?


I go by domain. If my main site, blog or whatever else are on separate domain, I use separate tracking codes. If my blog is on, then I'll use the same one, and can see in top pages within GA, which sites are visited.
Alex Papageorge
This should help - Command F and you should find it -
Vaibhav is
The more divided it will be, the better it will be for you to analyse what your visitors on different website are doing. Maybe they are liking blog but not the main site? How would you find that out if you have a single GA code?
Fabian Maume
Main advantage of having the same property for multiple websites, is do cross domain tracking. So if you expect people to move between blog , main site and store I would advice you to have only one property. Don't forget to add your own domains to referral exclusion list. You can always analyse the stat domain per domain using the "Hostname" property.