What's your favorite tool for making high frame rate, good resolution GIFs for micro-demos?

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Co-Founder of Ludis Analytics
Have you tried Kapwing ?
Enter the 8bit
@bonam I should look into that! I've read about it, but haven't played with it. Is it better quality than Giphy? Thanks for the recommendation!
Co-founder, KeyReel
@bonam @alexyoungkwon You can convert videos into gifs here: https://ezgif.com/video-to-gif You can select resolution, length, and frame rate.
good girl
On the Internet now you can find a lot of cool solutions to improve the resolution, for the image I use this tool https://imageupscaler.com/ . I haven't had any experience with GIF yet
Hobbyist Photographer; Photo-Editing
I use this website https://vanceai.com/ to improve the image resolution. It’s an online image enhancer with 19 features that can basically cover all photo enhancement needs. But I haven't had any experience making good resolution GIFs. Looking forward to some recommendations!