What are the top 3 reasons you love/hate the most about "Work from Anywhere"?

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I'll go first. ❤️ 1. Mobility: I can freely travel to see my loved ones regardless of work 2. More time: I save ~3h from commuting. I can either rest, or work some more, so golden 3. Global talent: I learn more in terms of mental/physical diversity. It leads to more empathetic, open mindset 💔 1. Lack of serendipity: Many ideas vanish before opening up about it with colleagues. I miss tap on the shoulder interactions that one random afternoon. 2. Loneliness: Scheduled Zoom beer sessions suck. Need more spontaneous hangouts, activities to do together as a team. We are more than a green dot on slack 3. Whiteboarding: Figma works, but not everyone knows how to use it well. there can be something simpler to unblock each member's creativity
Ryan Hoover
My favorite: Flexibility to work wherever and (practically) whenever I want. E.g. Earlier this year Suzy and I worked remotely in Vegas to mix up our scenery. My least favorite: Difficulty brainstorming and ideating with teammates. E.g. There's no lunchtime watercooler conversations when everyone's working remotely.
Location definitely is the top for me as well: - Today: 'Gosh I would love to have Friday, Monday off for Thanksgiving week. Will my boss say ok..?' - Tomorrow: 'I miss my family. I'm gonna work from my parents' place for a couple months into the holidays.' (Notice that "permission" is out of the equation already) Feel you on the least favorite parts: - Ideating with teammates: We use figma, but it has learning curves & it's not a free-form doodle, but we got something coming up to solve this. - lunchtime: We have it working, at least for 3 of us at the moment You are already on our VIP list - Looking forward to giving you your own Lounge :).
Daniel Threlfall
The Love: 1. Freedom. I've lived and worked in dozens of countries. 2. Self-care. I'm an introvert, and constant in-person interactions drain my energy. 3. Productivity. I'm insanely productive when working remotely. The Not so Love 1. Zoom. 2. Zoom. 3. Zoom.
Daniel Li
@danieljthrelfall Serious question: What are the things you most dislike about Zoom?
@danieljthrelfall @penpaperpencil What I hear over and over - it triggers that thought inside your head "Is this conversation big enough/long enough for a full video chat?" Not to mention the "Sign in if you are the host, wait till the host lets you in" on top of 3-4 more screens for every session. No-go for me except for scheduled, more formalized meetings. Internally, I need more speed, fluidity in one-tapping into a conversation
Daniel Threlfall
@penpaperpencil Serious answer. People love to hate on Zoom, so my answer is partially in jest. That being said, remote meetings — Zoom, GTM, Hangouts, whatever — lack that in-person chemistry, excitement, and interaction. Zoom is a powerful and necessary tool right now. I think we'd all agree, though, that some productive in-person meetings would fill a void. :)
Daniel Threlfall
@penpaperpencil @alexyoungkwon From a productivity perspective, Zoom calls are tricky. I sometimes find myself angsty over the question, "Could this have been an email?" and, more significantly, calls tend to disrupt sprint sessions and periods of flow. That being said, it's more of a case-by-case basis, not a carte blanche dismissal of meetings.
T Athwal
@danieljthrelfall @penpaperpencil @alexyoungkwon When we were developing our solution, we heard this a lot. Why am I spending 10 mintues setting up a 2 minute meeting?
Lorthemar Theiron
The good: 1. I'm much more productive 2.No commuting & more time 3.Less stress The bad: 1. Lack of human touch (meetings etc.) 2. Messed up sleep schedule 3. No social life in the work place. The ugly: 1. Zero dressing up (I've been wearing my basketball shorts in the last 5 months)