How Bad is my Landing Page? ROAST ME

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Really looking for honest feedback. Raw, unfiltered feedback that HURTS! Check it out -


Deepak Joshi
Boring. Couldn't look at it for more than 3s.
Tanya Kurkova
needs more spacing/easier to read fonts/ less words in subtitle/explain exactly what you do in cleaer simpler language
On My Deck
I'd say you need more colour and less copy to initially draw in the visitor to read the detail.
Amandine FLACHS
- Your tagline is hard to read (colour is too fair for a white background). - All the text is very condensed, more space and some visuals would help. - "triple your content output"doesn't mean much to me but "repurpose your youtube videos" does. - You definitely need to show what the result looks like, especially are we are talking about content creation and video content.
Please, please, put some padding at the top of the page 😆
Daniel Li
Hello Louis, I like the call to action on the bottom with a hook. However, the page is hard to read. 0) To whom are you addressing in Triple your content output? 1) Copy needs to be much bigger and less wordy 2) The flow chart can be more interesting with some graphics to make them pop 3) Your logo is really small with your tag in a very light gray small font. It is very distracting.