How to (actually) get more subscribers without creating any more podcasts.

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Why every Podcast needs to be a blog. How to maximize subscribers from every post. Your podcast is great. Well done! - But no one can find it. Podcasting is still relatively young, and even though the competition is low(ish), it's still insanely difficult to gain a huge following. Especially from only podcasting alone. The majority of podcast followers actually find you from outside of the podcast space. Spreading your content to different content channels will become a game-changer for you. Podcasters, such as yourself never utilise this easy growth hack. Your content needs to be everywhere. Why? Because you don't know where your best 'uber followers' actually are. You could be screaming into the void of podcasting, whilst all of your best customers are on Medium. These users want to hear your podcast, but they don't regularly open up Itunes and search around. Therefore your podcats are unattainable to them. Every podcast you post needs to be transcribed into a blog post (either by software or a freelancer). You may have to edit this blog post slightly. But it won't take you long, and it will be 110% worth the returns you get (forever). Use this blog post and upload it to your own website. Improves your domain authority Helps with general SEO/backlinks Creates more content to be viewed on your site Your podcast isn't going to show up in search results. Your blog post will. Your blog will create evergreen traffic for you for years to come - organically growing your podcast subscriber base in the background. SEO will be a huge new route for highly interested (search intent) users to find your podcast. Even if it is through your blog first. In every blog post, create a link to the podcast channel at the top. Use that to drive traffic back to your channel. Use that same blog post and upload it to all relevant outsources that you can't do effectively with a podcast... Indiehackers Growth Hackers Medium (big one) Hackernoon Quora Link back to your podcast channel with every upload too! Use your transcribed blog post for social media posts Use hypefury to schedule a Twitter thread of the blog post and then link to the podcast either on the first or last tweet Upload the first section of the blog and upload to IG as a caption Upload to Pinterest Upload to Linkedin as a caption Use as a content email campaign I hope this helps any and all podcasters out there. If you found any of this useful then check out :)
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