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Aaron O'Leary
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Hi Makers! This thread is dedicated to you if you are: (1) launching soon or recently launched (2) looking for beta users (3) asking for feedback on a landing page First, start by helping out another maker. You can check out their launch, give their product a review or share a comment on their launch post. Once you've helped someone else out, share your product link here and BE SPECIFIC about who your target audience is and how we can help. 😊


Lluís Ventura
We keep improving comeet to make each meeting count. creates an space on each Calendar event for shared agendas, notes and next-steps inside your GCalendar and GMeet. This week we are introducing suggestions: recap past meeting notes in seconds and see emails and Documents (GDrive) related to your meetings, so you can find what you need when you need it! Would love your feedback! check it out at
Lluís Ventura
Thanks @tarasowski. Really appreciate your feedback as really helpful. Trying to clarify: creates a space in each of your Calendar events (there) to share agendas, next-steps and notes, and to keep track of them.
Lluís Ventura
Here we go @tarasowski Problem: Tons of meetings during the week (+12h), difficult to remember agreements, and not a single point to keep track of next-steps (sometimes docs, notebooks, emails, your brain, ...) For whom: Essentially managers and teams with lots of meetings, ... between departments different projects, etc. How: A blank space for each Calendar event where write down and share agendas, decisions and notes and keep track of them seamlessly. Shared with participants so everyone is in sync.
Dimi Tarasowski
@lluis_m_ventura btw: while the graphics are very nice on the page. I would prefer to see the real screenshots. Right now it's hard to imagine how the tool looks like.
Lluís Ventura
@tarasowski Thanks again! We will iterate based on your fantastic feedback! Good luck with okrstudio! Looks fantastic!
Kat Kajderowicz🦀
@lluis_m_ventura From first glance, I'm not 100% positive what your product does. Perhaps you should make a demo video? What is your target audience? Otherwise, I do like the color scheme :)
Gilles Cadignan
Hello all ! Our public beta of Woleet sign is still open to testers ! It's a new e-signature app with several benefits : - no document upload (no leak of your sensitive data) - can sign every type - no limitation in file size - signature proof published in Bitcoin that can be verified independently - signature attestation sent to every signee once in the blockchain It's 100% free and We need your feedback, check it out on Subscribe to latest news here
Sumit Datta [dwata] 👋
Hello everyone! Wow week 27 is already here. I have been working full time for about 60 days now. Would love your feedback on my product. dwata: What does it do? Software to manage & understand Business Data from SQL databases or third-party APIs. Completely visual, no-code, for non-technical people. Who is it for? Sartups that are scaling up. They need internal tools for operations - like changing/tweaking product settings, seeing customer or product data, reporting and analytics, general CRUD, etc. Usually businesses build admin on top of Django, Laravel, Rails, Express, etc. These become big costs in long run and do not benefit the customer directly. dwata helps solve these use-cases without writing code. Cheers, Sumit
William Deng
@sumitdatta I looked at the demo and to be honest I felt abit let down. Maybe I have misunderstood the power of the product? How is this (in its currenty form) significantly better than if I browsed through phpmyadmin? (I'm non-technical so this is interesting to me).
Sumit Datta [dwata] 👋
@willddddd Hello William! I am so happy someone asked this question. So I am pre-selling for a problem that I have solved multiple times as an engineer over 10+ startups in the last 14 years. I used to think very much like an engineer and in 2020 that is one thing I left behind. I am calling up people and selling the idea. The demo just proves that yes a React app works in tandem with Python app that can read databases. Nothing more. The best part is that the strategy works. For CEOs who are struggling to scale, and I could actually talk to 3, they immediately get it. Then we talk at length about what they are facing, that they need to generate X report weekly or need to ask Engineer to do Y and so on. I do not show anything, I am preparing a separate demo to my first early adopter customer as I keep on reaching out. This is something I started talking a lot about across PH, IH, ML and everywhere, encouraging everyone to stop thinking as an engineer. Hope that helps, Cheers! Sumit
Tyson Simas
Hey, We just finished working on our 2.0 version: and was wondering if anyone would be interested in hunting us. Would be much appreciate it. Please reply here so we can schedule it, don't post it without notice :) Thanks a lot!
Piotr Bartoszek
👋 Hi guys, Today I would like to ask you is it worth to invest in markdowns :) Currently we don't give an option to add styling to users posts - example: Do you think that adding headlines, links, bold, italic, code snippets and ect will increase readability? Is it important for you? Do you use markdowns at all?
Tomi Gelo
@piotr_bartoszek I'm not sure how easy it is to implement this (need to do this for my own site as well) but at least the links should become clickable, as this is nowadays the expected behaviour on forum-like platforms. The bold/italic is a nice to have.
Takeshi [ @Bootstraptor ]
Hi guys 👋 I will really appreciate any feedback for my new product Social Proof widget I recently launched this project and although I already have the first clients, there is always something that can be improved I will be glad to any opinions and also you can use this free version Social Proof Widget backed with G-Sheets I also launched a White Label license I can also make a discount for the community let me know in a DM
Tomi Gelo
@bootstraptor Hi Anatolii, I checked out your landing page and the editor. This is really well done, congrats! I understood what Provenly is about and what the main features are 👍
Utsav Patel
Hello Everyone, When was the last time you revisited your highlights? We all take notes and highlight the most interesting parts of what we read, but we rarely revisit these highlights. And it's fair; no one likes to go through the entire book or article again to see the highlights. Hence, we are building - ​Readrecall lets you swiftly analyze your highlights (all into one place), and ensures that you'll see and use them. Would love to get your feedback on landing page.
Tomi Gelo
@utsavpm Hello Utsav, I like the idea. If the product is well done it could become a nice addition to the reading workflow of many users. That being said, the landing page is not revealing much besides some bullet points. Kind of makes me think if there is a finished product at all, or I'm signing up for something which is still to be developed.
Utsav Patel
@tgel0 Thanks for your feedback Tomi. Doesn't "Get Early Access" CTA defines that the product is under development stage? Apart from that, I am planning to add product images and more content soon. If you like the idea, do subscribe here: or on the website.
Tomi Gelo
@utsavpm fair enough - I guess I got so excited about this product that I really wanted to see more of it 🙂 Subscribed!
Recently released new version of, to help keep your Product Stack in one place for Free (or $9) instead of $50+ per user. Problem: Product Management is supposed to be about taking the right product decisions. Instead most PMs have to spend their time in operations, updating softwares, teams etc. Lightcat is built around the following thesis. - Scribble your ideas. Organise them later into features and stories. - Stories should point to resources(specs, designs) without copy-pasting links. - (soon) Story should track it's impact on the metrics by itself - not in Tableau. LightCat ships with: 1. Scribbles - Executable Product Notes - almost exactly like Notion / Confluence. 2. Features - List features and user stories. 3. Roadmap - Add features to releases and (soon) push to Jira in one click.
Corey Moten
@kush_apoorva LightCats UI looks fantastic! I also like the product concept - applying the scientific method towards product roadmap development 👍🏾. Treating new features like experiments with a hypothesis and then collecting metrics around the hypothesis to prove usefulness seems an excellent to decide what features to build that will have the most impact. Very interesting PM tool.
Tomi Gelo
After a not-so-successful [launch]( on PH earlier this year, I went back to the drawing board and came up with a new version. The main feature is still the same - save on delivery fees and food waste by teaming up with your neighbours. Now the UI is build entirely on Google Maps - post your message in a few clicks e.g. "I want to order tacos 🌮" and wait until someone joins you. Or see who is looking in your neighbourhood and get in touch 🤝
Corey Moten
@tgel0 🤔 interesting idea. Carpooling food delivery. Is this an actual problem you've experienced? How were you planning to monetize if you don't mind me asking. Also, with your landing page, it's not very clear what is going to happen once I input my delivery address. That might make people not want to input anything. Congrats on the launch by the way! Successful or not, launching a product is an accomplishment!
Tomi Gelo
@corey_moten1 hi Corey, thanks for your feedback! Actually I got the idea when my girlfriend wanted to order ice cream from a place which had a 40€ minimum order. The solution at that time was to find someone on facebook to order with. I guess I could add another line explaining the next steps once the address was entered 🤔
Maarten vd Heuvel
Hi all! I have just started a newsletter-based side project for home cooks. My idea was to create a website but I figured to test the waters with a newsletter instead. I'd love to hear your thoughts. So let's get to it: A good recipe will help you make the best possible version of a dish. The descriptive nature of written recipes makes for great step-by-step instructions but lacks in their ability to encourage experimentation. I am a passionate home cook who enjoys recipes as a means to get inspired to (re)create dishes. Learning by observing others perform the art of cooking. Preparing by cherry picking ingredients and directions from not one, but multiple recipes. And eventually becoming a better home cook. With the CookUp newsletter, I will dive into one popular international dish every week. With curated videos and recipes from the best cooks. Check it out at and let’s cook up something delicious!
Corey Moten
@mvdheuvel I like this idea. A passive way to spice up my home cooking with new recipes that require me to actively seek out new recipes. 👍🏾
Paul Utr
Hi everyone, Together with @krzysztof_kraszewski we’re building - a 100% free tool for composing & exporting standout, algorithm-outsmarting, job-winning resumes FAST & WITH EASE. Guided by invaluable industry expert tips and suggestions, you’ll swiftly create an impossible-to-ignore resume, showcasing your value in light so good, hiring managers will be knocked off their feet. Workese premieres very soon and your feedback to first version will be crucial to our growth. You can sign up for early access now!
William Deng
@krzysztof_kraszewski @utr I like the idea but I'd like more info before I sign up. For example, how do you make it beat algos?
Malinda Coler
@krzysztof_kraszewski @utr I love this concept! We especially need it right now given the unemployment rate. Do you have plans to get it diverse and underrepresented populations?
Michel Fathallah
🙋‍♂️ Hey everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster. Nuvoe makes any water bottle a self-cleaning, water-sterilising machine. We've just released a landing page and would love to get your opinions on the product and page: We're anticipating launching on Kickstarter in a few months time. Do say if you think this is for you and why/why not and what your thoughts are!
William Deng
@michel_fathallah I love the idea 💧 and the design of the landing page. Personally, I'd like to learn more about how "Deep UV light" cleans my water and if there are any side effects?
Michel Fathallah
@willddddd Fair point! We're trying to figure out the best way of communicating that. FYI - no side effects and it's a completely chemical-free solution. Glad you liked it!
Mark Gregory
@michel_fathallah Very cool, I can see these becoming widespread. I like the website, sleek product, good marketing. A few rhetorical questions so you can see how a prospective buyer might think: (1) Does this use a wireless charging station, if so does it come with it? I'm scared of electric shock while drinking. (2) How big is the puck/thing I put in my water bottle because what if I have a small-mouthed water bottle and it can't fit? Good luck!
JJ Coleman
Hey PH 👋 Would love some feedback on my product I'm in the process of revamping the website a bit to clarify the messaging. Any tips on how to simplify/perfect the messaging would be great. Cheers!
Kat Kajderowicz🦀
@jjcoleman97 cool concept! I like the demo video. Maybe an animation that's constantly looping in the background (snap photo -> put in frame or card, etc)? I feel like this could also be used for school year pics! (1st - 12th grade) :)
Jelani Abdus-Salaam
@jjcoleman97 Really like this idea! Esp for grandparents/loved ones who live far away. I agree the landing page needs some work but just scrolling for a few seconds I understand exactly what your product is. One thing I dont like is the background color. I find it makes things harder to read. Could just be my personal preference but probably something you'd want to split test.
Daniela Passos
Hello guys, how are you? 👋 Phovi is building a Mobile Gaming Social Network, to build meaningful interactions, improving connection among users, and an opportunity to take the online connection to offline experiences. Given that Smartphone Users are spending more time on Social Media and isolated from each other than ever before, we decided to offer a platform with built-in games and communications tools, we connect users from around the world through texting, video calls during live game matches, communities of various subjects and a competitive global ranking. We will launch soon on PH and for iOS + Google Play. Phovi App We are currently running a private beta and would love to hear your feedback, thoughts and advices Dani
Jonathan Berkey
Would love some feedback on an iOS app called floq. Floq is a location based sharing app. I have seen some opportunity for floq to bring value to people who are organizing and showing up at rallies. It could be an interesting way for those tougher to share in their experience. Key features: 1. Discover, Join, and Create location based shared collections called "cliqs" A cliq is only publicly discoverable for 12 hours and at the location it was created (400m radius) 2. Share and crowdsource pictures 3. Group chat for the cliq 4. Download and save favorite pictures 5. Picture commenting and liking
Corey Moten
Hi everybody! I just recently launched my first product Spellbook - a plugin for Intellij IDEA and other JetBrains IDEs that integrates the Evernote note taking service right into the IDE - As a developer, I use Evernote as basically a software development knowledge repository. I archive reusable code snippets, implementation notes, stack overflow screenshots, solutions for difficult bug fixes, etc to my Evernote account pretty much daily. With Spellbook, I can access my Evernote account(s) to search, view, add, and edit content in my knowledge repo without having to context switch to some other app or the browser whenever I want to see a code snippet. This has greatly improved my productivity as I'm spending more time in my IDE getting work done and less time in some other app or the browser. What I'm looking for is feedback. My target audience currently is developers that use JetBrains IDEs and also use or want to use Evernote for taking notes. For the next v2.0 version I'm integrating additional services (GitLab Code Snippets and GitHub Gist's) to make the tool more accessible. I also plan to build counterpart plugins for other IDEs, (i.e. VS Code, Atom, Eclipse, etc), to expand Spellbook's reach. My main concern is deciding if this is a tool worth paying for. I also released a free limited functionality version of the tool as well - Is this a tool you would use, and is my pricing model fair?
Tomi Gelo
@corey_moten1 you nailed the naming/logo for this product, well done! I'm not the target here since I neither use JetBrains IDEs nor Evernote. BTW, congrats on your first launch as well ☺️
Kat Kajderowicz🦀
Hey! :) Our product, lets you spend more time building and less time waiting for deploys. Quickly demo a web app, API, or backend running on localhost to anyone in the world with a public (1) Recently launched ( (2) We're open source and free -- we'd love more users to try us out & leave some feedback! (premium option available $2/month that lets you reserve custom subdomains) (3) We'd love feedback on our landing page! Our target audience is software engineers/web developers/programming students, etc.
Knight 
I m currently looking for beta tester and feedback for my product What It does is sending metrics to your inbox every week. Currently it support just 3 metrics. Twitter, Github and Producthunt follower. I would like to recieved some feedback before I continue building this. 1. Focus to get more metrics type on board, for example adding more social media metrics. 2. Focus to get more detail metrics for some of the social media tools. For example, people want to know more than just follower count. 3. Focus on getting custom metrics tracker, so that users can just add their own API and track the metrics they want. If you are a user what will the feature you willing to pay for?
Mohit Khandelwal
We just launched community based social network called Journey, which focuses more on the journey rather than the end result which people often put up on social. Our target audience is all the people who often feel they cant express themselves on current social networks and want to connect with others who are doing the same things as them. Anyone looking out to test and give us feedback on our app, do get the app and connect with me to provide feedback :)
Wilson Bright
Hello everyone, 👋 I'm launching tomorrow. - private and secure asynchronous video communication platform. It's an MVP and trying to validate if people like to use this. Any feedback is welcome!
oussama hamdaoui
@wilsonbright i couldn’t log in. I’m using an iPhone with safari. I have created a key but whenever I login I get redirected to the homepage 😔. Good luck debugging 💪. Tell me whenever it’s ready I’ll give it a try.