I made 5 landing pages. Deleted everything. I went back to basics and saw the highest signup rate.

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Hey guys, I just wanted to share this little story with you all! It might even help a few of you... So as the title says I made 5 landing pages. Each new one I made more elaborate and detailed than the former. I was expecting more and more signups with each iteration. Signups came to a complete halt. It started to annoy me a little bit. I added more detail, more GIF's, more pictures, more copy. More, more, and more equaled less, less, and less signups. So I scrapped every one of them. I went back to the original, cut out a load of the bullshit, and went with the bare minimum. Straight to the point. Only kept what was crucially needed. The most basic landing page, barley a page long. Which is converting higher than anything else I've tried so far. I think in marketing and entrepreneur life, in general, we tend to see more as more, and less as less. But sometimes the most simple and easy things are best kept that way. Very first landing page (30th April) 10% conversion rate https://www.spreadtech.online/home Second landing page 7% conversion rate https://www.spreadtech.online/sp... A subset of my niche (interviewers) 1% conversion rate https://www.spreadtech.online/th... FINAL FORM... 12% conversion rate https://www.spreadtech.online What do you think of this de-escalation of a landing page's life?
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