What area of your user experience are you most concerned about?

Brandon Kindred
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Dana Kozubska
As for me, I consider user journeys by far the most important aspect of user experience. Because no matter how beautiful the app design is, if your users can't find the right function or if they find your product too complicated, that will definitely affect the overall app reputation. Therefore, UX designers should do a proper user research, create those visualizations and prioritize features. What is the practice of creating user journeys in your company?
Brandon Kindred
@dana_kozubska Spot on! I think journeys are highly important, sort of like the icing on the cake of UX. At Look-see we take a data driven approach to developing our UX. Everything from design to performance is reviewed regularly to make sure that we are providing the best experience we can before we even release to users. From there we do user research to help us refine our journeys