Building Mon: Progress Update (June 8th)

Muhammad Harfoush āœØ
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Hey, everyone! I'm founding Mon, a service that helps you manage your money in an experience that does not feel like tax filings and spreadsheets: In the past few weeks, I have started to look for ways to make myself as consistent as possible while building Mon. That is why I will be sharing weekly updates of my progress with you, which would help me do just that (along with finding people who may really want this!) āœ… Mon got a backend! Firebase integration and API are working alright for CRUD operations. Data models are created as well. āœ… iOS app tested and working! I'm building in Flutter on a Windows machine, so it was a relief to know that the iOS app is working well. āœ… Social media presence and email campaigns: Mon got a presence on most major platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (@mondotrocks on all), LinkedIn, AngelList (@mon-inc on both). I also sent welcome emails to new people on the waitlist. You can find more about the progress Mon is making from our Notion page: Would love to know the progress you made this past week! Hustle on. šŸ»
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