Does Twitter become too daunting for you sometimes?

Muhammad Harfoush ✨
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My birthday was 10 days ago, and I decided to make a big (bold) decision: To quit Twitter. Other than the memes, which I truly miss, Twitter was also a source of inspiration and a great networking tool. But I definitely was overwhelmed by it! Yes, the service's nature is too addictive, but what was even worse is how toxic it can get before you even know. It feels to me that everyone is shouting at everyone. Even in the more supportive communities, it always felt like shouting. Do you guys feel that too, or is it only me who gets easily overwhelmed with it?


I use Twitter so much! Did you try using features like muting and blocking to make it less toxic? Getting the most out of Twitter takes mindful following, unfollowing, and active muting and blocking. I'd love to hear if these features helped you.
Muhammad Harfoush ✨
@abadesi It did, but that was before Twitter's new growth hacks like tweets from people your followings follow, likes from them, or suggestions of what I may like. And that "see less often" did not do it for me.
Daniel da Rocha
I just feel overwhelmed with the amount of cool stuff I discover there. If you follow the right folks, it becomes a daily source of inspiration and makes you discover so many cool things. It makes me anxious that i do not have time to try it all... But, that said, I am more of a lurker than an active poster.
Andrew Tye
You can give the private social feed at cosight a try 😉
Muhammad Harfoush ✨
@awt I love that! I personally began working on a more personal Twitter experience. It is great that people will have multiple options for a better social experience. 🍻
Jorge Dieguez
It was started to get daunting to me too, however two things changed my Twitter experience completely: 1- Muting accounts 2- Switch my content preferences to 'Latest Tweets show up as they happen' instead of 'Top Tweets first'. Thing is with the later that you also get the likes of people you follow, related tweets and suggestions. I realized that all these 'extras' of information that I didn't follow explicitly were the things that were damaging my Twitter experience. After fixing these two, my Twitter feed has been delightful.
Muhammad Harfoush ✨
@jorge_dieguez Really helpful advices. Thanks for sharing! And yes, exactly what you mentioned in your second point. It is not about the people I am following, it is about suggestions.