What to build first: Landing page or MVP?

Muhammad Harfoush ✨
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Hey, I have been having a bit of a struggle lately to determine what should I do. In the past few weeks, I got invested in building the MVP of my idea. I already got a Figma prototype built for most of the core features, but I found it to be too rigid to try with potential users. The thing is, I received feedback from other makers to work on a landing page and "sell first". I already planned to build a landing page, but if I'm going to test and iterate, shouldn't I wait till I have a proven MVP to market? I personally want to keep building the MVP, since it *is* how to prove an idea, then do the landing page based on screenshots+videos out of it. What do you think?


Elen Udovichenko
Landing page is a great (and cost-effective) way to validate your idea! If you can get at least several people interested in your idea with a landing page - go on and start building the MVP :)