I need some of your help

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Hello all, Like many of you I am a fellow creator. Im young in age, naive in experience and still think like a child trying to break free from the constraints growing up puts on us. With such qualities I am always coming up with ideas/hypothesis which I love testing. For the most part a simple google or flick of the page answers my questions. However, this time round was different. You see, this time round I couldn't find an answer, I couldn't find a research paper or anything. This time round I was forced to ditch this free rider mentality and do my own research. I have produced a google form. It shouldn't take longer than 5 mins to complete and asks some simple questions. Questions which when put together build a very powerful picture. I would be immensely grateful if you could take take 5 minutes from your day to go through this survey and and answer truthfully. This hypothesis was born from a place of boredom and a sense of being lost. Creating this survey and carrying out this study has become some sort of an antidote. Though right now, as people work across the clock to discover the biggest antidote ever known to mankind might not be considered to be a good time. I know that if this works out then you would have helped develop mine. Thanks in advance to all that partake in this. Link to survey: https://forms.gle/s4sagsuUTZpes5h38


Harry Hodgson
Hey man, I completed your survey. I believe there's a slight spelling error on page 10, the question 'do you forget your girls during a performance year' (sorry for nitpicking!). Hope you find some value in the responses though.
@harryrhodgson Hi Harry thank you! I just realised that too so have changed this. Once again appreciate your time.