What have you learnt about yourself over the last month?

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Since the Covid-19 outbreak a lot of people have been forced to change there lifestyles. For many working from home has become the new norm and for others having the kids at home has added a whole new dimension of complexity. I for one was always one to meet people in person so to suddenly move to Facetime and Google meet was a huge change for me. Not being able to greet someone with a handshake made me uncomfortable as I felt the initial 'connection' wasn't there. However, as the lockdown has persisted I can say I am getting used to the virtual nature of things. Out of interest, I wanted to know what others have learnt about themselves during this change? Maybe we can relate or we might end up with some surprise revelations.


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happy to be healthy, grateful that you work online, that toilet paper is the new gold. But also that the world is changed forever.
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@brittany_partridge Interesting observation. Do you mean cognitive ability, creatively, physically or all aspects of life more generally?
@iamhasana for everything - it's a mantra i use a lot in yoga to develop strength, running to dev stamina, learning to retain and really understand the information, user interviews to really listen to what people are telling you vs what you want to hear
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Sure it is a different experience. Earlier we used to have team members who think it is a privilege and luxury to take work from home options. But if we ask them, they would be more than eager & happy to meet their fellow team members soon than being locked up indoors for time unknown. Considering the current situation, it is better to heed the advice. Also, one thing which I noticed is that, with all the virtual meetings cropping up so fast, our schedule is pretty much flooded. Making some of us even busier than usual busy days. Want to sure hear, if that's how the new normal is.
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I've learnt about enjoying silence, and appreciating quality over quantity.
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I have learnt how to direct my focus on one main project at a time
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@marcvaultier how have you implemented this? Was it a problem for you before?
@marcvaultier i thought i was the only one who had that problem
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I learned that I need to ask if the call is going to be voice only or also video. Too many times I have been caught off guard in pyjamas this month!
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I'm easily thrown off my game, but I can reorient and refocus easily, too. In a way, that's nice to know.
The beauty of silence.
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I have learned to spend more time with my family 🏑 and take personal time for myself πŸ•“
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@nomadvictory Very beneficial and healthy for all. Cheers Victor
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* I can workout for 1 hour every day. * Twitter is good for A/B testing which ideas are perceived as useful. * Separate the building and the marketing into 2 stages.
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I need to create [and enforce] my boundaries in both professional and personal matter, especially during this time when it's hard to draw lines when WFH.
I don't miss things like going out, hanging out with friends, watching sports etc as dearly as I thought I would
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I really miss the real contact with people, and being an introvert I never thought that this would be a big issue...
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I have been working online for a long time, so almost no changes for me. But it is very stressful not being able to plan trips. I am trying to relax and be optimistic! Meditation is also a good choice.
Do forget about the past to have a cheerful view of life.
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I really don't need a gym membership. A pull up bar and a jump rope covers a lot of ground :)
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I need a damn schedule to stay productive lol
Love building things that fix problems.
I am a human with fears.
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Overcommunicating with coworkers is something that I NEED to do during the work.