What is the best way to find a techincal Co-founder

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I have reached a hurdle when formulating an idea I have had. The realisation is that I don't have the technical skills to execute said idea. I know I need a co founder but how do I find one who complements my skillset but at the same time also has the same passion and drive I have for the product?


Medhat Ramadan
Hi There, I hope everything is going well! I think you need to drive into the tech and networking platforms. It takes from me a year to find my dearest co-founder! as I was looking for someone passionate like me. Network with tech gurus and make a list of what you are looking for. I hope this tiny advice helps.
Eikleison Belga
Hello, I think the easiest place to find that kind of people would be on Twitter, look for people who follow tech and entrepreneur staff. You can also ask the inverse question, "Where do tech people find non-tech co founders?" and make yourself visible at those places I'm a tech guy looking for a non-tech co-founder, feel free to contact me, if you want.
A lot of the time technical co-founders are weary because a lot of people just want someone to "execute their idea" and then go 50/50. Anyone who can make an app or website gets pitched all the time. I would say be very clear about the skills you can provide -- not necessarily your ideas. For example, do you have a very strong skillset when it comes to design, finance, etc. Focus on those strengths and others will be interested.