4 Days Left to Indiegogo Launch

Trevor Smith
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This process has taken more twists and turns over the past 2 weeks than I could have imagined. I took an atypical approach to presenting how the SnackJones service works by partnering with the brands and entrepreneurs whose products I'll offer for sale in the crowdfunding campaign. With 34 partner brands involved, it's been a lot of work. Two upsides have come from it though. The 34 brands will all help to promote the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. And I've been developing relationships with the brands I'll need when we launch the full platform in September. The one big downside to my approach to emphasize the brands a bit is that it ran against the Kickstarter rules. My campaign was not allowed there as planned so I needed to retool and set it up for Indiegogo fast. I also needed to communicate the change of plans to my brand partners and influencers. I got it done yesterday. The new Indiegogo profile is fundamentally complete - let me know what you think - https://www.indiegogo.com/projec.... I'm tweaking the language and adding images over the next couple of days ahead of the 6/2 launch.
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