13 DAY OUT - Behind the scenes of a Kickstarter launch.

Trevor Smith
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I wrote about 20 Days Out here - https://www.producthunt.com/make... And 19 Days Out here - https://www.producthunt.com/make... My intent was to cover this process day by day starting at 20 days out - I've missed a few days. One thing to know about preparing for a Kickstarter campaign is that it's all-consuming and I've been consumed. You'll read advice online about needing at least 3 months to properly set up a campaign. You should take that to heart. It takes that much time and the days will become increasingly busy as you near the launch. As my campaign nears I'm simultaneously managing design, communications, influencers, publicity, and all the things that are going wrong. I have the added pressure of needing to communicate with 30 plus brand partners who themselves are pretty busy. It's important to be organized from the start, be flexible and creative to solve problems, and stay positive (sleep, eat, exercise) throughout. I'll leave it at that today. I've been thinking about the crowdfunding stack required for an effective campaign - Kickboost, Product Hunt, Instagram, Backerkit . . . More tomorrow.
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