Behind the scenes of a Kickstarter launching in 20 days!

Trevor Smith
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SnackJones is the best in better-for-you snacks delivered to your doorstep. We are introducing a unique e-commerce shopping concept to consumers in June 2020 via a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign is a component of various prelaunch initiatives leading up to our full launch in September 2020. We've been working on the concept for over a year. In many ways, it couldn't be a worse time to start, however; we see a few bright spots that give us hope. Plus, we've come too far to stop now. I wanna share our journey from now to launch till the end of the campaign. 20 Days Left Update in Comments Below 19 Days Left Update -


Trevor Smith
UPDATE: 20 DAYS LEFT When I decided run a Kickstarter back in November 2019 my first objective was to come up with a video concept. In my experience the video is the most complex and time consuming aspect of crowdfunding campaign. This will be my third Kickstarter campaign. For me a video, fundamentally, must describe the concept and instill confidence in potential pledgers/consumers that you can and will follow through. You cannot expect consumers to put any effort (money) into your product if it seems you haven't put in some effort too. With a limited budget I needed to hustle and be creative. Here is an overview and the final product. 1. My video concept was inspired in part by a kid I saw dancing on Instagram. I felt like the style and spirit of his dancing represented the brand I am trying to create. So I contacted him to ask if I could use his IG video as part of my video. $100 2. Later my video concept matured it required the more extensive use of the music from the IG video. So I tracked down that guy down to ask if I could use his song. FREE with attribution. 3. I needed a location to shoot my video. I thought of using a friends magazine cool house, but then I asked my wife if I could use the model apartment for the property she manages. FREE - the caveat is that I could only shoot on a holiday. 4. I developed my video concept to require minimal acting and no lines. Simplicity is key to keeping costs down. My wife had a good friend who was willing to spend a couple hours on a holiday day to help me out. She didn't wanna be compensated so I emailed a $75 Amazon Gift Card. 5. I thought of shooting it myself but as I mentioned quality is key to gaining consumer confidence. I did some hunting around for a videographer that lived close by to come out to shoot the video. It was the best money spent in this process - $638.60 6. For the VoiceOver I got a few bids at - great talent there. In the end I went with a friend of friend at similar cost of $100. 7. I bought a second song needed for the video at $49. 8. For illustration and motion graphic art I hired a designer who was great at illustration but not turned out to be not as good at the UX required for explainer aspect of the design. So I needed to hire another designer to finish the work. In needing to hire two designers I lost time and I paid about 1/3 too much, however; something like this happens on every project. I made the best of both efforts to a great result. $900 9. Editing and motion graphics animation was the final piece to put it all together. is a great service for finding talent for this type work. I am using them now for a project. Though I could have saved money there, I went with a friend who would put up with my nit-picking. Friends & family discount - $1,000 The end result is here -
More to come.
Joel Clark
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