Want to host a Product Hunt Meetup in your city on January 28th 2020?

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Hi Makers! We're planning to host as many Product Hunt meetups as possible on January 28th 2020 and would love to get you involved. If you are interested in hosting, complete this survey so I can follow up with you. NB: To avoid clashes with other big tech events like Upfront Summit in LA we are moving our meetup to Tuesday Jan 28th.


Gonçalo Henriques
The date on the survey is Jan 2019 πŸ˜‚ "Product Hunt Global Meetups - Jan 30th 2019"
@gonelf woops! fixed πŸ˜„ I should not have used my time machine when I made it
Francesco 🍫
wow! Hope to get the chance to do this! Let’s make history makers!
Kunal Bhatia
We've got San Francisco, CA and Boston, MA covered! Looking forward to a special day! πŸ™‚
Hyung Rae Kim
@abadesi I would love to create the Toronto Meetup!!! Toronto needs this!
Chul Kwon
We can host one in the South Bay. "Product Hunt Silicon Valley"? Sponsorship and venues are not a problem.
An resti
Steven McCloskey II
I can host in Orange County, CA
Yann Bigor
Anyone interested for a meetup in Paris?
Just signed up! Looking forward to host one! This will be awesome!
@abadesi signed up looking forward to host
@ravi_mohan13 sweet! we have had to change the date to tue jan 28th does that still work for you?
Francesco 🍫
Looking forward to host in Milan πŸ™Œ I'm cool to host it on the 28th as well.
Edward Tay
Somebody do one in London pls
Alex Loukissas
Happy to help organize one in Los Angeles
I'm very interested. I live in Portland, OR, I've been thinking about doing an IndieHacker.com Meetup but I've help off. Q: What is a Product Hunt Meetup "envisioned" to be? Q: Who should attend and Why? Q: Is a standard Format/event schedule intended or is each City coordinator allowed to free-form? Q: What is a PH Meetup NOT? - Not a company Pitch event for example - Not a investor event - etc
@ronsheridan Here's my take: it's an opportunity for the community to connect IRL, it's ideal for anyone interested in tech/products/entrepreneurship, no standard format but it's not a place to sell/spam rather a welcoming space to make genuine connections.
@abadesi thank you for taking the time to reply! Q: Given that ProductHunt has such a strong brand linkage to new "products", does a "show us what you're working on" showcase make sense? A local new products showcase... to get feedback, testers etc. btw: I had to hit UD to confirm your IRL reference :)
Raj Puri
How about hosting this event in Mumbai, India. - an untapped market.
Amith Kumar
I would like to host the meetup in Coimbatore, South India. Anyone interested do let me know.
Pranav Gupta
Who all signed up to host in DELHI? . . . Lets meet up!
Ahmed El-Kady
@abadesi what could the estimated budget for doing this meetup?
@akady they are free events so ideally find a venue to sponsor for free and folks can attend for free and if it's in a place that sells food and drink buy refreshments there or bring their own.