Makers! Do you follow your morning routine on the weekends?

Francesco 🍫
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Francesco 🍫
Forgot the options 🤦‍♂️
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Marat Chukmarov
@gamarantor need an option "didn't even on the weekdays"
In the first few years of running my business I made no distinction between days but since my business is in a more stable place and because I also work full time my weekends are now about resting and spending time with loved ones. So in short - nope not really. Because weekdays are so scheduled and structured I like to keep my weekends less structured.
@gamarantor haha! I'm very routine driven and structured. I usually spend sunday evening or monday morning to plan every hour of my week ahead, I schedule calls, meetings, time to work on to-dos, fitness classes, social events, etc. If it's not in my calendar it probably doesn't happen! I try to be disciplined about when I sleep - I also have a weekday sleep routine to support a good nights rest - and have rules about what I can and can't do when I wake up e.g. my phone must stay on DND and airplane mode until I do meditation and write my to-do list and 'eat the frog' i.e. do my hardest task of the day. If I don't have scheduled calls I can have my phone on DND until afternoon to stay productive :)
Nope! I'll try to get up around the same time that I do on weekdays to not mess up the sleep schedule. But I'd say that's about it.
Tetsu Osnaya
Yes & also are for pancakes. I create another morning routine specially for the weekends
Fazal Ameen Khan
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Tracy Charle
Je me lève de très bonne heure chaque matin j'ai besoin une option
Atanas Georgiev
At first I didn't, but then I kept struggling to retain my morning routine on Monday.. I believe consistency is key, so I keep at least 80% of my morning routine on Weekends: -> early wake up -> Meditation a bit longer compared to working days -> a bit longer workout compared to working days -> healthy breakfast -> Longer reading session than on working days -> And I break the routine by going for Brunch 🍳 😀
Kids & fam, so...nope. Also, pancakes.
Rick Somar
Nope. it's 02:27 PM here and i'm still working. How can i get a morning routine? hahaha
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