What are the top things to know when starting a podcast?

Francesco 🍫
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Identifying your niche is helpful - going really narrow and thinking about who you are talking to really helps. Then seeing what's already out there serving that same audience.
Robert Neal
Hi @abadesi so I recently started my podcast and I’ve taken the approach of building the plane while it’s falling. I’m simply putting out episodes and figuring out a strategy from the feedback. So my question would be if you had any thoughts on how to discover your audience? Here is a link to my podcast https://open.spotify.com/show/2e... Also @andrewmason love the feedback about location definitely something I need. Any other feedback from either of you would be greatly appreciated. PS sorry in advance if the episodes are a little bad I’m getting better with each one.
@andrewmason @robneal Advice on discovering your audience is to ask yourself who you are making the podcast for, forcing yourself to be specific in the type of person you are describing, then put yourself in their shoes and think about where they spend time online. Find them there and find a meaningful way to engage them in your content. People have to gain something from your podcast to make the effort to listen.
Andrew Mason
From what we've seen working with podcasters at Descript Podcast Studio , people often spend too much time thinking about microphones and not enough time thinking about their recording environment. Recording in a quiet, dead space with a laptop mic will get you better sounding audio than recording in a reverberant room with a $300 microphone.
Feeling like an idiot asking this but ... @andrewmason does Descript have equipment suggestions for beginners? I was actually searching your blog two days ago for the best headphones (I know...I know). I ended up choosing the Audio-Technica ATH-M30x partially because your 7/12/19 blog post had this brand in the photo (crazy, I know). Anyway, happy to write what I learn for you all for free just so it keeps me accountable to actually publish. - One Hardly Workin' Juggalo
Andrew Mason
@brothitable1 nice references :-) We don't have any articles on headphone recommendations! I just use https://thewirecutter.com/ for that sort of thing.
Francesco 🍫
@andrewmason Good input thank you! Beside a quiet room, any recording software you would recommend?
I did a whole podcast episode on this as well as a blog post: https://leogdion.name/2019/06/13... Essentially... stay organized. Have your topics ready, notes or script ready and stay on a recording schedule.