What are some of the must haves in a landing page ?

Aseem Agarwal
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I am building a landing page to invite early users for an application I am working on. What are some of the things I should definitely include in the landing page besides showcasing the idea and features ?


Tara Hunt
@agaase19 Having just spent weeks structuring and restructuring our landing pages (and testing on Copytesting and with our user testing group, this is what I found was needed: Section 1: Inspiring, but CLEAR promise statement (it needs to be about the user, not your features). Speak to the user like you are inside their head, but not in vague platitudes. This section should include a visual element that demonstrates the product on some level (we ended up running a silent video of interactions in app - but could be a screenshot of the product or the person using the product - if physical). Videos could work here, too, but most people said they wanted to see the product up front. Section 2: How you're going to fulfill this promise - so, features and benefits, more showcases of the platform or images of the product. I had a simple list here at first, but that fell flat with people, so I created boxes with clear Value Props - and more explanation in smaller text. Section 3: Why are you the team to deliver? (aka social proof) These can be testimonials or (and?) a bit about the pedigree of the people behind the product. It would depend on the product and the people behind it...but after they read section 1 and 2 - lots of people said, "sounds really great, but how can I trust this?" Social proof kind of drives it home. Section 4: Introduce pricing. Make it super clear. If there are levels, a comparison table works best (I tried a bunch of varieties, but the comparison table performed the best). Lots of people also said they either want a free trial or money-back guarantee, which is fair. ----- Additional sections that could be useful (we added one): 10 reasons why - or whatever number of reasons Case studies - if you have these, this could be further social proof Media mentions / awards - especially if fancy @skstock had a great webinar recently where she went into building the perfect landing page (it was very useful) and her @growclass is pretty awesome from what I hear. She showed the best landing page ever: Muzzle - you have to visit it! It's very simple, but effective! In their case, all they needed was to nail Section 1 (speak to the user's pain point and show the product in action).