What is the best way to get early feedback on a product, before fully launching it?

Paula Barcante
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Newbie here. 2 months out from launching my first product and feeling very overwhelmed. I'm hoping to get some feedback on my product before actually 'launching' it, what's the best way to do that?


Rick Somar
Do you have some waitlist?
Seek out some potential users. Onboard them to your idea, show them your product at which ever state it is in and listen to their feedback.
Paula Barcante
@elisechant Where is the best place to find these potential users? Social media? Here? Somewhere else?
Paula Barcante
@pierre_prior do you have any good practices on promoting the landing page?
Raphael Wartanian
Test prototypes with potential users - could be in form of an interview, screen sharing voip call, or just a questionnaire
Marvin Blum
Find people you like to collect feedback from. Family and friends are often not the best idea, since they're biased. We had some contact to our target audience for Emvi and asked nicely if they could have a look.
Rachel Allen
Are you talking about getting feedback from PH or other services too?
Paula Barcante
@rachel_allen Both? Any tips would be amazing 🙏
Robin Nessensohn
Share prototypes in social media and to your product hunt subscribers. When you have some people that give you feedback, ask them whether it is ok to approach them again for the next prototype. Try to use those feedback circle to understand who your main target customer is and what their needs are.
Parthi Loganathan
Create a landing page with a waitlist to get sign-ups and share it to your target audience. Coincidentally, I just launched Referlist on PH today for this exact use case! I'd recommend using FullStory and Google Analytics to monitor traffic and user behavior. Reach out to everyone who signs up.
Paula Barcante
@parthi_logan Any tips on a successful PH launch?
Parthi Loganathan
@paula_barcante Get a hunter to hunt you. Launch early in the morning PST. Have succinct description, a compelling narrative and good visuals. Beyond that having a product that PH people are interested in helps. I still haven't really had a successful PH launch yet. Referlist is the first one to barely break top 5.
Jana Cagorovic
hey @paula_barcante 👋 do you have a trial program? Give the option to sign up to your product and sent out a quick survey. Any interesting website widget with the option to give feedback would also be good.
Reach out to your network (including this one!) and ask people to test and provide your with feedback. Easy peasy!
Paula Barcante
Thanks so much for the feedback everyone! If you wouldn't mind, could you checkout my landing page and provide overall thoughts and feedback 🙏🏽? I'd much appreciate it. https://joysterapp.com/
Wasil AR
I'd reaching to my special niche through social, channeling all the efforts to demo or landing page. Make sure your demo/page has some analytics or something to catch leads. I used hotjar and full story. Hotjar really beneficial to give me leads since they have short polling that I can follow up later for more depth feedback. Both of them provides user story and heat map so that also adding qualitative feedback on your product
Phil Woodward
Paula, is this B2C or B2B (or a mix)? For B2B, we start pre-product with customer interviews. Then once we have a product solution worked out, we ask for another round of customer interviews (the same folks, or new people). The intent of the second round is to ask them about the pain points we're trying to solve, and then take them through the prototype product and assess whether we can 'sell it' to them (figuratively, or literally!) For B2B, LinkedIn is where I go: search by job role for the person who'd use the product and reach out to them asking for their time to do an interview. If it's in their field of expertise many people are happy to chat. For B2C I think the earlier suggestion on niche communities is spot on, it's the same principal - find people who are willing to spend time on your product because it's their interest or hobby. Customer research is definitely a lot of work, and hard, but it should pay dividends.
Oliver Wolf
you can create a product hunt upcoming page. I've did this with my future product: https://www.producthunt.com/make... But, I think it is more effective to use the paid plan as product hunt will promote your upcoming products. Also I submitted to https://betalist.com/ and https://betapage.co/ And maybe you find some more platforms here: https://alternativeto.net/softwa... So far I did not spend money on promoting the beta, but I think i will make free a budget of 500€ to go to the paid plan of the upcoming, betapage and betalist. What did you try so far?
Brian Anthony
Build an audience on Social Media, Reach out to the fans of the group, offer it for free or cheap, then send them to where you want the feedback left.
Steffen Karcher
Personally, we had a lot of success with UX tests. There had been some free events within our town where we could do this professionally at no cost at all! Maybe there someone is offering something similar in your area too? Also, the discussions after in combination with pizza had been very beneficial and motivating :D
Fabian Maume
I like to outreach potential user on Linkedin using Phantombuster automations. You can also check out top writers of relevant topics on Quora. Quora as a direct message feature you can use to ask them for feedbacks. Before the product launch setup proper analytics: - Setup conversion goal in google analytics - Setup session recording tool like SmartLook