In the future, will AI and robots make our careers better or worse?

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New research from Deloitte about the future of works paints a not-so-dystopian future. What's your view of the future of work?


Lasse R
Better :) if not for capitalism at least.. Stupid jobs gets automated and humans can work less (increased productivity could fund welfare), or work more fulfilling jobs. America probably won’t see the better future, but welfare countries definitively will.
Alex Panagis
Wow, surprised to see so many optimistic people – I voted better as well :) I think the way @lasserafn puts it is perfect.
George Bougakov
Better, but probably I’m biased because my job is “automation engineer”
Shraddha Srivastava
I guess Better! After starting Browsee, we talked to some potential users and everyone was concerned about the bandwidth they require to put in to watch all those session replays. Hence, we tried to minimize the effort by doing AI-based tags which gives you exact pointers on which sessions to watch and from where such that almost no bandwidth is required to watch those bulky sessions. However, we are still not perfect but we are trying to improve on each and every day!
Gonçalo Henriques
Better. We will always try to make more with less.
Amy Beaudry
Worse !, so many people loosing there jobs because of it !!
Anand Soni
Worse, because it will make human less important. One will dislike things which reduce their importance. Human will less dependent on human. This is my point of view.
Worse of course, a lot of business will disappear!
Alex Barlow
Better :) Tax the bots. Leaving humans to focus on learning, community, wellbeing and the planet we live on. Why waste minds on dull crap.
David Barneda
Depends on your skill set. It will be a great time to be a robot mechanic. Oh, wait, that will also be another robot.
Robert Williams
Probably better. Automation has historically been a source massive wealth generation. Better or not depends on who benefits from that wealth.
Rajendra Reddy
These are the top properties of a job to be replaced in near future: Easily explainable Repetitive Can be carried out on a computer This probably gives you a good idea so I’ll just drop down a few that comes to mind customer services sales people managers (the ones that literally just put checkboxes next to tasks) architects (for simple projects) pop music producers HR lot of jobs in banking industry And now a bonus. I was thinking about this the other day. In my opinion, likes of facebook/instgram/quora, basically all the social networks could get into real problems. Just think about it, they make money based on advertising. But if huge numbers of fake AI users are injected into internet, this society of “free” products can get into trouble. Free in this context means that YOU are the product. But how can you be a product if you are a machine?
Franklin Ejike
there would always be opportunities, if you know how to find it.
Allan Revah
It depends who A.I. serves. Improving society or Increasing someone’s revenue beyond human compassion
Jonathan Sun
I honestly think better as long as we control their capabilities. There needs to be some oversight in terms of what they are capable of doing (eg. not have capability that would allow them to take over humans) but overall, I think they would enable humans to pursue more creative types of work and what they are passionate about. This is the future of work!!
Serafima Aleksandrova
Better, for sure With automated routine repetitive tasks people will have more time for creative and analytical assignments.
mariku mari
In fact, there's no telling what would happen if robots started doing all the work for us.
Ion Kozokar
In fact, no one can tell you what artificial intelligence will lead our humanity to. Nowadays, robots make our work a lot easier, especially in industrial undertakings. For example, if workers were manually handling the grain in the past, now various machineries and robots have provided food handler solutions , which has increased the amount of product produced, as well as making the work of the workers easier.