Facebook Pay launched yesterday. Will you use it to pay for things or send payments to friends?

Taylor Majewski
16 replies
I'm not sure yet.


I'd be happy to if it makes splitting bills or paying back a friend easier.
Brendan Weinstein
@abadesi Splitting the bill i Agree with but is Venmo not easy enough to pay your friends back?
@abadesi @bmweinstein Although Venmo is easy enough, I believe it does not work outside of the US. FB pay will initially work in the US only but will most likely launch quickly in other countries too.
@bmweinstein @zoxta you're right you need a US number for Venmo. Interesting to see how other markets with fewer fintech products will respond.
Gonçalo Henriques
No, not because I don't trust Facebook but because I don't need to.
Ameer Basheer
why not!!! and why not Libra!
Tommy Brown
There’s a seriously slim chance I’ll ever enter my banking information into Facebook. I think they’re too big of a target already, this is only going to make them even more attractive to hackers.
Catalin Podeanu
Why should I use a payment system in some product that I don't use. Normal banking + Revolut will do just fine
Emmanuel Hadoux
I think the people willing to give their financial details to Facebook need to seriously remember the Brexit vote and the US elections. There is an interesting videos on Netflix about Cambridge Analytica, all the situations they meddled with and how Facebook at the same time compliant and the best vector for it.
John McTavish
I think it will be interesting to see what impact(s) this has on Instagram once it's integrated there. I could see it rapidly growing the ecommerce side of IG if sellers can come close to matching delivery speeds of Amazon. Also could further open up the slimy pay-to-follow or pay-to-see-stories side of the influencer world. Then there could be pay-to-enter WhatsApp or FB groups as well. Will I use it? For now, no since I'm outside the US. Would I, perhaps.
Code By MDB
Tempted to try it but we will see
Sharon McCarthy
I will try it out, then delete it.