OpenAI's text-generating AI has been released. Are you concerned?

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Check out the article here, there are concerns it could be used to make spam or synthetic propaganda for extremist groups. What do you think?


Nikolay Siabrenko
Here is website where all news generated by OpenAI -
Tara Joy
@nikolay_siabrenko First, it scared me, but after reading for a bit I can't stop laughing. It's better than The Onion: "Man pleads guilty to illegal killing of 60 kangaroos in his care" with a suspect picture titled "John McFakeson" below...
Emmanuel Hadoux
Quite the contrary, I think it's great. I hope people will be afraid of being deceived and will learn how to cross-check facts and be more critical. It's better to wake people up for prevention than when an actual automatically generated fake-news media would have made its way into people's habits. It would be interesting if well-established news websites played the game and published some of these fake articles and then told their readers it's fake, like an electroshock.
@emmanuelhadoux such an interesting angle - yes you're right the outcome could be great for changing how we consume data and how quickly we trust information. I hope it will make folks want to verify things more, cross reference and verify sources.
@abadesi are you worried? 🤔
@amrith there's something I find distressing about having AI technology out there we can't fully control or understand but I try to not worry too much since I can't do anything about it!
Gonçalo Henriques
Not really. There are article spinners and semi-automatic content tools for listicles and shaddy blogs, this is the next natural step. And if this makes possible for good content to be created automatically it's a good way to avoid fake news 🤷‍♂️
Poll results so far (leaning no) are just indicative of this community. Outside of people who hang out in places like this, I don't know how well people are able to parse real from nonsense. I'm pretty sure there's going to be somebody/group of people who get hurt by this tool. Humans have an unbelievable capacity for absorbing, believing and sharing BS. Some even know its BS and are happy to keep spreading it.