Do you use push notifications on your smartphone? Name the apps in your comments.

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Myriam Shemtov
Waoh, so many apps : my bank, over, podcast, uber...
Björn Antonissen
Too much.. apps with the most notifications: Slack and Intercom
Björn Antonissen
@abadesi Haha, we do have incoming rules in Intercom. So I receive only important notifications as founder
WhatsApp and Slack for me. Oh and The Wing as I recently joined and don't want to miss any updates while I'm there 😊.
Khyati Rathod
So many apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Linkedin etc
@khyati_seo do you have it on for most apps? do you find them distracting?
Gonçalo Henriques
Only on slack for work and whatsapp only for a couple of groups. But I have my phone on silent all the time so I use the notification center asynchronously.
@gonelf Interesting. I have my phone on DND a lot to manage this but generally try to not have any push notifications if I can help it. Especially since I'm usually in front of my computer screen anyway.
Gonçalo Henriques
@abadesi true, I usually pay more attention to push notifications when I'm not on my computer. I also avoid smartwatch due to push notifications.
Juho S
Digital minimalism has reformed my approach to smartphones. Feel more relaxed. I even have separate android app to block the notifications that I cannot disable on Android (ie. screenschot taken notification)
satendra chowdhary
uber,ola,gmail,linkedin,quora nd many more
Jermaine Ernst
Messengers, Instagram, Mail, XING, Banking Apps
Lanre Akinyemi
Slack, WhatsApp & Dominoes (Can't miss those pizza deals 😻)
Abishekh Kc
Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, WhatsApp and more
@abishekhkc I turned off my Instagram ones pretty quickly because they were distracting... do you ever find it stressful/annoying?
Abishekh Kc
@abadesi I have muted almost everyone. Only i follow my favourites. and push notifications turned on for them. Instagram push notifications are really annoying one. There's no need to waste our time just looking at someone's icecream pic. 😄
Valo Polyanskiy
SeekingAlpha, Investing
Alex Devero
Push notification is the first thing I disable when I install new app.
Jane Sorensen
Many are enabled by default so I don't necessarily reject them but I don't pay attention to them either. The only welcome dings are text messages, AirBnB messages/bookings, WhatsApp messages, Messenger messages, and iCal alerts that I set up. Instagram DMs and Strava also send me banner/bubble notifications, and honestly I'm a sucker for the Strava ones, but I need to turn them off (and will do so today). I do use the number bubbles for email apps, Remindres, and WhatsApp group chats - I ignore them until I want to read them.
Zaheer Baloch
Slack, Mail, Twitter are on the top
@zaheerbaloch thanks for sharing. Twitter always prompts me to turn on notifications but don't. It's usually open in one of my many browser tabs anyway.
Tobi Ogunnaike
Bank, Uber, Google Calendar etc
Brendan Ciccone
All social media push notifications are turned off. Some others have them partially on. Only my finance apps, Slack, Messenger, Messages, Phone, Mail have them fully on.
Andrew Tye
I try to keep them to a minimum! WhatsApp, Messages, personal gmail