Pinterest ad sales are growing faster than Google and FB. Do you use the site regularly?

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Tell us more about your relationship with the platform in the comments.


I used Pinterest a lot for inspiration when planning my wedding but I can't say I'm on the site a lot. I used to make fashion wish lists years ago when it first came out on my lunch breaks at work, dreaming of what I'd spend the next paycheque on.
Angelina Dasic
@abadesi I know what you mean, I had so many pairs of designer shoes saved on wishlists that I drooled about. I signed up for Pinterest a couple of years ago mainly as a way to keep track of "inspirations" for my hobbies. One would think that I was a grey, 86 year old lady looking at my multiple crocheting Pinterest boards. Other boards I have on Pinterest include costume-making, sewing patterns, worbla tutorials, crafting, DIY and upcycling inspirations, designated boards for different type of crochet patterns and baking recipes boards. I have to say that I quite enjoy the platform in my leisure time. It's easy to find inspiration for things you sometimes weren't even looking for and the matching algorithm does seem to be quite good. From a marketing point of view, I believe that Pinterest can be a very effective platform if you represent a specific niche of products and services but in our case, there seem to be other platforms that better suit our needs in terms of reaching the right audience.
Calum Webb
I wonder if the reason for ad sales rising is that users curating content or making Pinterest boards are going to have niche interests and are specifically looking more specifically for said products. So perhaps advertisers are seeing more clickthrough from Pinterest over the likes of FB?
Erhan Karadeniz
Pinterest is one of those websites I refuse to register.. It's so annoying that you can't view anything on the website before registering..
Stas Kulesh
Never used it tbh. 0 times.
@stas_kulesh wow! Ever been curious to?
Stas Kulesh
@abadesi I tried several times (years apart), same scenario each time: I opened the site and did a search, got to a page that was no different from Google Images / Duckduckgo Images results + ads, and closed the tab... I dunno, Pinterest pages have never captured my attention for long enough. I always thought the service is for 50+ yo people who have hobbies like collecting buttons, coins or stamps, or picking lace curtains for their bedrooms, or spa baths for their conservatories. P.S.: Also Calum Webb mentioned above the need to register – that was always off-putting.
John Bauer
Used it to increase the visibility of content.
Muhammad Harfoush ✨
I'm an avid user of Pinterest with ~23k monthly engagements. I really like the platform. I really like their algorithm of matching your taste with suggestions, they are pretty accurate about it. The thing that I don't understand though is how its ad sales is growing THAT fast. It is definitely impressive and must be a sign of a pretty good value-for-money.
@harfoush wow you're a power user for sure! Do you use it for personal life or work or both?
Muhammad Harfoush ✨
@abadesi Both. I curate UX/UI designs that I could get back to while improving my aesthetics, and collect cool things that I care about like Islamic architecture and good looking old cars.
Fajar Siddiq
No idea for this. Where you get this? Would love to find some stats, data and numbers
Dan Edwards
I use Pinterest when I want inspiration for something specific. e.g. wedding, home diy ideas etc.. I also find myself using Instagram collections for the same purpose, it'll be interesting to see where they take that as it could kill Pinterest for me.
Shangata Afsana
Now a days, in Pinterest many fake profiles. There a lots of seller than real user.
Edison Espinosa
My sewing teacher LOVES pinterest, but I really never got it
Sukhpal Saini
I've used Pinterest for character design sketch inspirations. My only go to source for that specific keyword.
Anthony Dike 🌻🐝
LOL Pinterest really? The attention there is probably underpriced so it makes sense πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
Edison Espinosa
the stock just plummeted missing revenues , so those ad sales could be growing but that's not enough
Julie Gauthier
Pinterest probably has the most detailed picture of things that I like and don't like - which makes for super high-impact ads. I click on ads there regularly, occasionally even *pin* them!
San Kumar
Pinterest is one of those sites that never made sense to me ever. *Anytime I see their link I avoid it like plague* because I can't see or do anything without registering first. I think their SEO team is just too good that it shows up all the time on Google even though for me it doesn't provide me any value at all.
Sarah Jennings
I like it for interior design/dyi inspiration but for me it's strictly hobby. I do think many creative businesses use it manage client taste/aesthetics so I can see why it's on the rise
Jun Gong
Guess it benefits the people who has a little ecommerce biz. Just out of curious - How about Etsy - is it growing as fast as Pinterest?
Dan Siepen
What's been the rough CPM, CPL/Conversion costs of people using Pinterest Ads? Keen to know :)
Mato Xoshnaw
its annoying website,i dont like it at all