Hello Ladies and Gents! We just launched our product "Ring n Bring" on SHIP

Walid Shaar
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We'd be honored to have you! As we highly value the feedback of this tech-advanced community, your opinion matters! Please feel free to give us any feedback that comes to mind - idea of product, execution of product, clearance of message, product/market fit - anything will be noted and implemented as we greatly take every advice into consideration If there is anyway I can help, please don't hesitate to contact me :) Please visit www.ringnbring.com for more info.


Malik Tauqeer
What is "Ring n Bring" and what does it do? What have you done so far for the execution of product and product market fit?
Walid Shaar
@malik_tauqeer Hello Malik! It is a smart service bell for requesting inside a household. The solution is made up of a pre-installed tablet + an App (Appstore & GooglePlay). Check the video on our website for easy explanation. Much appreciated!