We are soon entering 2020 - What is booming within products, industries, and market trends?

Camilla Gad Krogsgaard
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What is booming within products, industries, and markets currently? We are soon entering 2020 and would be interesting for the community, that each of us shares, what we see as future trends? Technology: RPA AI IoT platforms Blockchain Products: Sportswear is booming and will continue to Makeup / lipkids (sorry but the planet don't need more lipskids, hope this is "dying" out soon) Tech gadgets: Well Im no expert here!!!!! Guys help me here?


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BIG BROTHER based on AI is bcoming
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Mobile devices becoming ensconced in our daily lives. Mobiles devices will be more connected to everything than ever before. Example, in Sydney, physical drivers licenses are a thing of the past https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/c...
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@sean_hamawi yes good example! We are seeing this being developed in DK as well and will be launched this year!