Building a Community/Brand? - E-Book, Books & Content Performance?

Camilla Gad Krogsgaard
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Hi, I'm super curious to know the experience all of you have in here, in terms of building online community & brand! I'm in the process of building a new brand/community and in order to attract the right audience, I will among a few things start giving away parts of the book Im writing about 'Creative Leadership'! On that note I did some research on E-Books and others solutions. I have looked at especially Designrr as a solution. Any tips, tricks, tools from this community, would be highly appreciated:) Another key question: What are the main content platforms that drives traffic still today? Blogs, websites, Youtube, Insta, LinkedIn, FB? What are the trend you experience out there? All the best, Camilla


Rish A
Hey Camilla! Depending on who you're targeting, I think a big platform to keep an eye on is TikTok, and perhaps Twitch! Also, Discord is great to build your own engaged community :)
Bettye C. Robinson
Not bad, only now you need to decide what exactly you will create. It's hard here, e-books or not. Many people read electronically, and some read paper. For example, I recently read in electronic form on this platform. But a month ago I read a real book. This will be difficult ...
Camilla Gad Krogsgaard
@bettyecrobinson You are absolutely correct! Well, have to figure out the roadmap ahead to produce content.