What is your experience with building a Progressive Web Application?

Camilla Gad Krogsgaard
2 replies
Doing research on this topic, to figure out how to build a new digital platform, representing my new business idea. Everyone I ask, are pointing me in that direction! Maybe some of you can share experiences and examples of such platform build upon PWA? Looking forward to any feedback and insight! Thank you.


Muhammad Harfoush ✨
It is funny that you asked this question just after I settled on choosing PWA for my next project! 😄 I just began building my PWA, and so far it is all good. I thought I was going to build something with its own codebase, but apparently it is more of certain tweaks made to the source code itself to be considered a PWA (correct me if I'm wrong). Why I decided to opt for PWA even though I'm really into Flutter? https://hellotimo.co The app is just amazing on both my laptop and my Android phone, and feels very native to me. This outreach made it great for my small project.