Virgin Galactic has made its stock market debut, would you take a commercial flight to space?

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Virgin Galactic is now trading on the NYSE with plans to begin flying commercial flights in 2020 and to be profitable by 2021. If you could afford to-- would you take a commercial flight to space? πŸ‘€ Tell us why in the comments.


As much as I'd love to see space I feel that there is still a lot of planet Earth I'd rather explore first. What do you think?
Emily Hodgins
@abadesi I agree. Maybe I'm just too scared of the all the unknowns at this point, but I really ought to at least go to Paris before I go space - right @syswarren πŸ˜‰
Anthony Dike 🌻🐝
@abadesi Hahahah same. So many countries I want to see before even attempting space tourism. Also, I'd wait for a good amount of successful flights to be completed first πŸ˜…
@antdke haha you know I was thinking the same thing, like, "is it safe?!" I'm a scaredy cat with that stuff.
Henry Zhang
@abadesi Definitely still want to explore everything that Earth has to offer, but the lure of being one of the first people taking a commercial flight into space sounds really attractive. Might be in history books eventually!
@giorgi_kakhiani haha really? data wise you think that's an equal comparison... πŸ˜„the volume of trips is still too low for me
Gio Kakhiani
I would if Richard Branson sits next to me
Gio Kakhiani
@abadesi yeah exactly. I remember I was doing Test drive of Tesla model S. It was my first time trying auto pilot. CS guy asked me if I trusted the car. I remember saying: 'I trust Elon not the car'. Meaning that if it wasn't 100% ready he would not put it on the road.
Alex Barlow
As a brand choice I would choose not to go with Virgin Galactic and wait for a competitor. But hell yes I choose space, looking forward to moving to Mars someday.
@alex_barlow cool! You'd like to live on Mars? Even after watching The Martian? hehe
Alex Barlow
@abadesi I will wait till I'm old and grey β€” what a way to checkout, a trip to space with a short stay on Mars. Branson should launch a pension plan with a trip to space when you reach a set age.
Jonathan Sun
That'd be dope! And then figure out how to use Moon resources to better our life on Earth. Moon Lotion, anyone?
Steven Evans
I think this a very volatile market. It’s not investable. Pushing barriers Is always great to see but there are so many variables involved for me. No amount of lush marketing will extinguish my personal fears.
Allan Revah
I would but I’d wait until it’s a regular thing like planes.
Dan Edwards
Yup. But I'll never be able to afford to πŸ˜‚
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