Could you recommend an automated storefront with built-in affiliate program for digital products?

Bill Haywood
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I'm trying to automate my affiliate program if at all possible. Anything that would auto-deliver a digital product link, credit a coupon code per affiliate link, and automatically dole out the funds to the affiliate partner......well, I'd have to name a child after you if you recommended a system that did all that.


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We have done this with a user is sent a link when they setup a Stripe account.
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@ben_blackburn2 D'oh, they don't accept US addresses. Maybe I'll follow up and find out of they have a workaround...I think they may only be Brit though. Thanks for the tip!
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@bill_haywood Worth a read into. I hope you find a solution. Ben
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I recommend try Big Ticket Commisions
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@francyscah__m Thank you! I'll look into this. :-)
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