What do you do when you "run out" of things to do but still want to make progress?

Bill Haywood
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Obviously I never truly run out of things to do, but I often run out of things I want to do. What do you do in this case to jumpstart yourself?


On My Deck
Whether on a 'personal project' or within the remit of my day job I try to set myself regular personal goals to achieve which I find keeps me busy and if there is a lull in productivity I use these goals to keep my imagination keen and learning.
Vaibhav Dwivedi
I start by re-evaluating what I am doing and then make a list of all the work I am doing. Then I see, am I doing them correctly or do I need to do something extra? Sometimes, doing a personal SWOT analysis helps.
I use online tool to maintain my iterations along with all features of my app and create required user stories. Maintaining discipline keep us focus and we see results. @gilliy @NamlyApp