Would you invest in meat substitutes like the Impossible Burger?

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The meat substitute market is increasingly contested, and OG companies like Beyond Meat are posting record profits. The Impossible Burger - a collab between Impossible Company and Burger King - has seen Burger King have its best quarter of results in four years. Is this a market you feel bullish about or not?


Emily Hodgins
I love the Beyond Burger and Beyond sausages. Our local Tesco even called us to let us know when the shipment was arriving (we had enquired before they were stocked - it wasn't a totally random call). Pretty impressed by that level of customer service from a supermarket.
Andrew Tye
I bought Beyond Meat at IPO because I think it's a huge market. They may not be healthier right now (sadly), but I think it's the right direction...
@awt yes me too I think more and more folks will go meat free for ethical and health reasons.
Paul Jarvis
I already do (Beyond Meat). I've been plant-based for 10+ years, so it's nice to see companies like this that are easy to invest in. I don't think the product is perfect by any means, but it's a HUUUUGE step in the right direction.
Recently shifted to a plant based diet but I've never had any form of meat other than chicken or fish so the Impossible burger was a bit weird to me as I have nothing to compare it to. But still, I'd invest in it only cause meat and dairy is scary and really not good for our planet.
Jonathan Sun
Not really. Unpopular opinion here but I love authentic meat! I do agree there needs to be improvements in how we treat animals though. Maybe some better PR among farms/meat companies to show they're doing a better job?
@jonathan_sun1 thanks for being honest... yes farming seems to be broken. Perhaps it can be fixed. But I think we may start to understand more about animal consciousness that may make that a hard case to fight for.
Liza Dixon
Yes, bullish on all innovations in plant-based meats as well as lab-grown meats (e.g. Memphis Meats) but for different reasons. People are quick to dismiss PB meat as "unhealthy" without questioning the status quo (animal protein) and its effects on the environment & us. IMO, whole foods FTW, but nothing wrong with a PB meat treat now & then
I like meat the substitute options I’ve tried. But, beyond personal preference, I’d invest because it’s an investment in our future. Our world can’t support animal protein at the scale we’ve been used to.
Yuriy Kovalev
I've recently stopped eating meat, in one moment I just realized how scared was the animal before it was killed. It may sound stupid, but I feel that vegetables/fruits have better "energy".
Yuriy Kovalev
I've never tried meat substitutes, would love to try them. Will definitely invest, this is the food we'll be eating on Mars.
@nightcoder You make an interesting point about animal consciousness. I've been reading more about nature recently and found out that even trees have personalities! If our sense of connection keeps evolving we may run out of things to eat 😅 LOL life on Mars. That's a great idea for the next poll...
John McTavish
Beyond Meat's share price has tumbled because they went IPO with very low float (16%) to increase demand. Artificial meat plus artificially low supply sent share price through the roof initially. But it has quickly receded after the second and third share offerings. Would have been a killer short at the top tho!