Do you think there's a chance smart TVs would ever get "extensions/plugins"

Jonathan Riftin
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similar to Chrome extensions that augment the way you use the internet, I wish there was a platform you could create extensions that sit on top of your smart TV and allow you to develop cool stuff.. i.e - social watching, video chatting, meta data on what you're watching, Trivia etc. BTW - if you could develop/ask for something like that - what would it be?


If you could build apps for smart TVs one I would likely instantly install anything that improved privacy and blocked all the data collection that smart tvs do. Or, if not block, at least anonymize and scrub the outgoing data. Similar to the Ghost, Disconnect and other privacy related chrome extensions.
A more practical app might be one that recognizes the music in the movie/show and with one click add it to one or more designated spotify lists.
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@elindydotcom yes - that's a good one. Today i usually just Shazam it on my phone which works ok as long as the song is clear enough. This makes me think perhaps there's a place for a companion app on the phone which acts as a "platform" of app for TV. (until this will actually be possible to develop for TV)
I hope they get advanced options especially for live sport options for sports lovers. I'eagerlyly waiting for this.