Do you think health workers should get a badge of honor after Covid19 ends?

Jonathan Riftin
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The people in the front line should get recognition for their efforts and something to remember. I think a badge (like military badges) is something cool which they can carry onwards and wear with pride on their uniform / bag back or just keep in the drawer. My idea is to create a website to crowdsource the best design for a global badge.


I also believe the healthcare industry should definitely look at raising salaries... these are critical jobs saving lives.
I think we should be paying them what they're worth, which is a lot more than thyre being paid now. My son had some issues when he was younger and I can tell you with 100% certainty he would have not made it though it without the care of the nurses and doctors. If they sent me a bill tomorrow for $1,000,000 for his care and I had that kind of money I would gladly pay it. On top of that, the nurses helped me when he was sick both mentally and emotionally. I could have not have stayed strong for my son if it were not for them. Each one is a hero and they deserve our respect - not just for this - for all the times that they dealt with a crisis. And for them they deal with a crisis of some magnitude every single day.