POLL: Do you share your Netflix password with others?

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Netflix's Chief Product Officer recently announced they will be clamping down on customers who share their passwords with others. They hope to do this without alienating users. I'm *that* person who still has an account on their parent's Netflix subscription so I don't even have my own (yet). If at any point I was kicked off theirs I'd happily buy my own -- what's your take? Curious to see the results.


Ryan Hoover
I can understand why they ignored this in the early days of Netflix. Password sharing is one way to increase awareness/exposure of the service.
Patrick Coombe
@rrhoover agree 100%, get as many people to use their product by any means necessary then "figure it out later." Looks like MS is going to start doing this soon with their OS as well.
Jonathan Sun
Lol how they gonna keep track tho
Patrick Coombe
I definitely get where Netflix is coming from with this. If 60% of all users (for example) share their password then their CFO really starts to see dollar signs. I really just think they need to stick with their current model: per device. My account has 5 devices, my Grandmother in Pennsylvania can use it at the same time as me in Florida. if Photoshop / Creative Cloud can do it Netflix can too!
Agrata Patel
@patrickcoombe It's not per device, it's per active device. So even if the account is logged in 50 different devices, until it is being used by 5 or less devices, it's fine. But yeah, I agree with you on sticking to their current model.
Jonathan Yagel
Will be interesting to see what other players in the streaming space do. If Netflix gets really strict about this but Hulu and HBO and Amazon remain lax... people may hold off on setting up their own account. At least until the next season of Stranger Things comes out 😏
Nate Davis
I used to be on my dads Netflix, for years and I have to say I agree with you. Most adults will happily start paying for their own Netflix subscription as I did. It's kind of like Spotify to me, it's a need as far as subscription services go. It was worth it to me to start paying for it after using it for so many years. I think they are still clearly dominate in the space but will be interesting to see how Disney and other players like Apple start to challenge them (especially at five bucks a month). However, that will still take them a long time, as they are just starting to roll out services this year into production.
Nate Davis
That being said i'm still on my sisters HBO subscription, and I also share my Netflix password with my sister and girlfriends family 😂
Ahmed El-Kady
I think in this case we will need two passwords , one for my account and one to keep me tracked on the right subscription ?
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