If you could predict tomorrow's mood, would that be helpful?

Andrew Tye
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This would be like a weather forecast based on the things you do today. You would also see what steps you could take to improve the forecast. Disclaimer: working on a new Predict feature for correl.app and trying to get some feedback!


Chris Wray
I kind of like to have each day start fresh. (:
This is pretty interesting! What kind of data would you use for it?
Andrew Tye
@andrefuchs using people's habits and seeing how they correlate with mood over time. Then using that to forecast mood. It's pretty interesting so far...
Noel Braganza
I'm not so sure if that would be very helpful for me. But that's probably because I'd like to think I'm in control of my mood :D
Noel Braganza
@awt I suppose it could be good to know that. But sometimes, you can't avoid the inevitable plans that are tiring to do, but you just need to get them done. I'm curious to know how you plan on helping people improve their mood. Is that through meditation or focus or some coaching or something else?
Andrew Tye
@noel_braganza the assumption is that people's habits have a strong correlation to their mood...partly the individual habits correlate, and partly just completing the goals you set out to do. We can show them which of their habits are most closely correlated with their mood and give some insight that is really helpful
Charlie Doern
Not knowing what the next day holds can be a motivator to make the most of the current day. However, the same could be said for what you are proposing.
Andrew Tye
@charliedoern that's a great point. the goal is for it to be positive - if you the forecast is great it is motivation to stick with your goals and "fulfill" the forecast. If it isn't a great forecast it might be helpful to see what (if any) steps you can take today to set yourself up better for tomorrow. Thanks for your thoughts!!
Cool idea! How are you measuring correlation? With ANOVA?
Andrew Tye
@ludwig_stumpp Thank you! Currently experimenting with several ways to calculate, ANOVA included. Looking at the correlation between one habit and mood, but also many habits to one mood. Trying to consider several factors and find the most useful way to represent.
Andrew Tye
This was a lot closer than I thought!
i think the very reality of randomness is what keeps us going, if you knew how you'd feel tomorrow, you'd start feeling that already, and that would cause another randomness, say i feel upset, but i know tomorrow i will feel better, i'd start feeling better, since i know tomorrow will be a good day, but now, i have changed all the variables and tomorrow would once again be indefinite.
Ali Garcia
Sería muy bueno
Eikleison Belga
If my mood tomorrow is good I wouldn't care about it but if it's not good I'd like to know
KachurMTB 777
This is an interesting idea. But I don't think it will be useful.