Which social media platform is your main sales channel?

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Which social media medium have you primarily used for product selling and/or service promotions (to your target audiences)? Enter the name of your product/service and website link below (Let's get to know more of each other's products and services), and how did this medium helped expand and influence growth into your business?


Instagram's my primary go-to (IG: katmeisteradores and impaw_kiki) for product promotion via social media recently, although I do ponder if there are better mediums to use? Thoughts and recommendations? Please come check out my website www.impaw.com for my 2019's: 1) 365 days daily art challenge and 2) Weekly Sunday webcomics. It has been my 2019 New Year Resolution to challenge myself and creating daily art! After 10 months into 2019, I am still illustrating and posting daily artwork accomplishments! Feeling all sorts of mixed emotions throughout this year so far: the time commitment of brainstorming, planning, and illustrating; the adrenaline of daily artwork accomplishment; the terror on those busy days and I'm stressing over having the possibility of not able to meet deadline time; the sheer madness (think frazzled hair) when I was having illustrator's block when no creative idea came; and of course...my daily doses of high-caffeine to keep this night owl awake in the middle of the night! Lol! :)
@i_m_paw Instagram is a big one for my side business. I hire someone to manage content on that channel and most of my inbound interest for talks and workshops comes through there.
Shangata Afsana
Instagram is the best platform to sell product quickly. I think. šŸ˜€šŸ˜€šŸ˜€
Umer Jalil
Well I think it depends upon the niche of product you are selling. I use almost all of these channels based on the product's niche. Like, if you are selling beauty cosmetics, #Instagram is the best channel to bank on. Similarly, if you are a digital agency, Facebook is the best platform to market yourself. So yeah, it all depends on the niche you are working on, and then the smart selection of social media channel for it.
Mac Nicol
I'm surprised not to see LinkedIn on this list - but great question! Also serves well to remind people how many options/platforms are available. LinkedIn has been super helpful pushing our product (atlas.dessa.com/?u=mn), especially helps to get the free tool in the hands of users! Thanks for sharing!
Fizzap Social Network
Fizzap (after March 1 2020) ;)
Jana Cagorovic
@mac_nicol agreed! As SaaS product we push the attention to our Platform Sales.Rocks www.sales.rocks/register primarily to LinkedIn. Our main buyer persona includes B2B, so we are trying to reach out to people interested in new developments for every-day business activities. I would also name here PH as best community for that, and Quora is best for brand awareness. šŸ‘
Jinbo Liang
My fashion business mainly rely on google ads and Instagram. Electronic stuffs Facebook ads.